Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have to be inspired to blog.  I know when it hits me and I start composing in my head.  It never takes long when I have the inspiration and what comes out is almost always a masterpiece.  If it's not, it ends up in the draft pile.  For the next 7 to 10 days inspiration will have to hit me over the head like a brick cause I'll have to walk up 13 stairs to blog. 

Reluctantly I am sending my trusty netbook to Texas today.  That's right, someone in India with 700 consonants in their name and only 2 vowels told me to send it there.  They also tried to convince me that the fact that the screen goes white when you move it around is a 'system' problem.  Really?  That doesn't seem like a short to you?  I mean I'm no expert... but.

So, today I mail her away.  There will be less emailing, less facebooking, and less blogging.  But it is only temporary.  You will be ok.  I will be ok.  And hopefully my netbook (which I was assured was going to be returned from Nowhere, Texas) will be better for it.  I hope.

Until then... or until I walk up 13 stairs to use the desktop.  I bid  you adieu.

The Best part?  I decided to do something about the screen problem two days before the warranty expired.

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Megan said...

I knew there had to be something going on over there-it was way too quiet :) I have been missing my 'best part' fix!