Monday, November 22, 2010

quickie but goodie


Netbook is back.  Hooray!  They left it even though I just left a note for the Fedex guy asking him to leave it.  Hooray!

No abcesses.  That means no surgery.  New antibiotics (two of them) and pain meds and praying it goes away like an hour ago.

Real things people said to me today:

"Her looks like her's gonna go to sleep soon" on an elevator... guess how many teeth she had...

"Have you breastfed in the last six months?" nurse, at the doctors office looking at me and baby E and also fully equipped with the knowledge she was scheduling an ultrasound because of mastitis.  Is there another cause I'm unaware of?

"Look at all that hair! I remember when my grandbaby was born and the nurse was playing with her hair before she was delivered."  woman in line with me at the pharmacy. sick.

"She's beautiful, just like her momma, hope she don't look like her daddy!" Volunteer at the hospital.  A) I was Stacy and Clinton material today so he clearly didn't mean it and B) what does that mean?

Keep your fingers crossed for us.

The Best part?  No abcesses.  Whew.

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Jen England said...

Whoa. Those comments are all entirely too much for me. Thanks for the laugh on a Monday though! :)