Monday, November 15, 2010

Observations and Revalations Part C

She slept five hours over the weekend.  Might have been the wine.  Or perhaps she likes sushi.  Either way, don't care.  Five hours.

I sat and laughed with my husband at dinner without getting a hotdog, having to put on Handy Manny, or nurse someone at the table.  It. Was. Magical.

I drank too much wine.  Kinda proud.

Medical tape remnants remain on my leg.  Really.

I know exactly what day it is.  Have zero concept of what the date is.

I have no idea who will help me remember to take the turket out on Thursday.  Taking volunteers.

Fighting the urge to decorate for Christmas is easy when you're not sleeping and just trying to keep up.

I will get my hair done before Thanksgiving.

Breast milk poop is gross.  Toddler man poops are grosser. 

In preparing for my first ever Thanksgiving dinner hosting I am woefully unsupplied and may have my mom bring most of her kitchen from the Lou.

We gave her a bottle.  Actually the sitter gave her a bottle.  Miraculously, she survived.  A. Mazing.

Toddler fevers only show up in the middle of the night and they only show up when you're NOT already up with the baby.

Pretty good chance I won't get out of my pj's today.  Unless we have to go to the doctor.  In which case I still might not put on real clothes.

Laundry does not disappear, not matter how many times you wish for it to. 

The Best part?  Date night.

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