Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not the flu

This post has taken me a while because it's hard to make pain and misery funny.  Or even entertaining.  I tried.

Just when it was going smoothly.  E was gaining weight, nursing was getting, dare I say it, easy. 

Nothing is ever easy.

Woke up about two weeks ago and thought I was on fire.  At least thought one boob was on fire.  So bad in fact that I went downstairs and in five minutes pumped five ounces.  Relief.  I thought.  It was just engorgement.  Spin again Vanna.

Went back upstairs, stopped in the bathroom for some water and almost passed out (an ideal location to pass out).  Started shaking.  Chills. Like uncontrollable chills.  Teeth chattering, shaking.  Fever.  Clearly a fever.  103 out of NO WHERE.  I survive the night and internet diagnose myself with mastitis.  Doc calls in a prescription in the morning, everyone says I'll be better in 24 hours.  Everyone being the friends who've been there.  Wrong.  My body doesn't react to the 'industry standard' antibiotics.  Two new antibiotics, an ultrasound and some serious help later and I was finally fever free and almost pain free.  It took a good five days.  Maybe six.  Six days of aching from head to toe, fighting fevers, and postponing feedings for fear that I might pass out if I have to latch her on there again.

I did a lot of reading and a lot of talking to people.  I searched for cures, homeopathic, chants, or otherwise.  Unless you've had it, you don't know. 

This might be TMI but I'll tell you because I know I'm not alone in this and I know that this can help.  It took Dan in the shower with me.  Working out the 'kinks'.  Tears.  Lots of tears.  So thankful for his help because I would venture to say not every husband would step up like that.  I know not every husband would ask his colleagues about it and get some great advice.

Here's the thing about mastitis.  Once you open your mouth about it, EVERYONE'S had it or knows someone who has.  The women who I told all instantly grabbed their chests with flashbacks.  Every man Dan talked to said 'oh yeah, been there, done that'.  And thank goodness they had. 

So, the good news is that I am no longer on fire.  My mastitis is gone.  Nursing is almost back to normal.  And E weighs more than 10 pounds now!  Whew. 

The Best part?  I beat it.  I didn't give in.  I didn't quit. 


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

proud of you :) good job lady. I'm so sorry--I really can't relate as I've never had it but it sounds horrible.

So glad you're on the other side.

Jill said...

Amazing story. A lot of women have been there, but not all come out on top. Way to go and here's hoping that is your one and only bout with the big M.

McCulloch Family said...

I must tell you I am SO VERY PROUD of you for beating the odds. Most women (the women that I know who have had mastitis) give up on nursing altogether. I'm so happy you got through the pain and remained in the game of nursing. You are one inspiring mommy! Plus, if you can overcome mastitis and still nurse...you can overcome ANYthing and still nurse. Kudos to you!!!

Lauren Stahl said...

Glad you are feeling better and props to Dan for being a "man"