Friday, November 5, 2010

Like a Virgin

It's adventure day.  Read: it's 'I feel so guilty that I don't give my 2 year old enough attention that we're making a big deal out of the aquarium and lunch out' day.  See, I'm pretty sure C will never forgive me.  I'm also pretty sure he'll never remember life before E was born.  That's how irrational my mommy guilt is.  Anyway.  It's my first day home with both of them without Dan and we went on an adventure.

Fish.  Sharks.  Sharkrays.  Stingrays.  A sleeping baby all the way through.  Perfection.

On to lunch.

C is super excited to sit in a booster seat these days so I'll take it.  We sit down.  We order lunch.  He is being an angel.  And I no longer have a sleeping baby.  Oh and she's hungry.  Her little not even 8 pound body hasn't eaten in 2 hours and she's hungry. 


Thinking this might happen, I asked to be seated in the back of the restaurant.  Also, it was 11:15.  We were the first people in there for lunch.  I planned it this way.  I'm a planner.  Duh. (See, I considered waking her up in the aquarium to feed her. It's dark in there and busy. No one would likely notice. Problem was I had visions of chasing Cannon around the penguins, trying to keep his hands out of the shark tank with one boob out. That vision was enough to wait.)  So if E had to eat we'd be alone and I had a cover I'm borrowing from a friend and I could do it. 

Or could I?

Enter a field trip.  Of middle schoolers.  Not kidding.  Couldn't be a bunch of kindergartners and their moms who would for sure smile at me reassuringly as I nursed the baby at the lunch table.  Nope.  A field trip of middle schoolers.  Phe. Nomenal.

Then.  I remembered this.  Hey, guess where we were having lunch?  That's right.  Johnny Rockets.  Hey.  Guess which Johnny Rockets we were having lunch in? That's right.  The one where the manager kicked the mama out.  Cue sweat glands.  Would they think I was staging some sort of 'sit in'?  Making a statement?  I wasn't.  I'm not interested in making statements.  I'm not in this to take a stand.  I just want to need to feed the baby.

So, I have a screaming two week old.  A two year old quietly enjoying his lunch.  And I'm in a restaurant where mere months ago a mom was lectured and given the boot for nursing on the patio.  I was inside.  Surely that's even worse.  Eff. 

I have to feed her.  I have to feed her.  I try soothing her other ways.  Does. Not. Work.  Screaming 2 week old.  Not good for a nursing mama.  Or anyone else for that matter.  Fumble fumble.  Get cover on.  Fumble fumble.  Cannon tells me I'm playing hide 'n seek with Emerson.  Fumble fumble... and LATCH!   Hoo. Ray.  Five minutes I feed her.  That has to be enough to hold her until we get to the car or better yet, home.  It is.  We are subsequently ignored for the rest of the meal by our server (who until now had been making ketchup faces in bowls and talking to Cannon about fish).  He brings the check.  Just to spite him I order a kiddie milkshake (that and cause I wanted one).  To go. 

So.  I did it.  I fed the baby.  In public.  Barely.  But it's a start I guess.  Maybe it will get easier?  Got any tips?  How bout confidence boosters?

The Best part?  I didn't flash any middle schoolers.  I don't think.


CaSandra said...

I haven't laughed so hard all week... I just keep thinking you NEED to write a book - it would be a best seller for sure :)

** BIG HUG **

Jillian Pierce said...

I am so proud of you! Nursing in public is no easy feat! Especially under those circumstances. Major Kudos!

Even if you weren't trying to make a statement, you certainly did. I remember being out with two week old Violet at an Indians game and feeling panicked about where I would feed her. I told Shawn we'd have to leave. Then he pointed out another mama nursing her baby less than a section away. Seeing her gave me the courage to feed my little girl in the most normal way possible.

You may have done the same for another mom.

And yes--it gets easier. My best tip is to practice nursing while looking in the mirror. You'll be able to see what bits are exposed and which aren't. Oh, and whenever possible, go places with another friend who is breastfeeding. Definitely strength in numbers!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I'm still not good at nursing in public. I have only done it a few times. I am PRO back-seat car-nurser though. Ha. I'm such a bring a bottle on the go type gal. (Of boob juice, of course). But yea. Go YOU! And the story was great. The first time I nursed in public was at a restaurant with my mom, my sister, and my pastors wife (who is a good friend of mine), and seriously, SERIOUSLY I.was.panicking...and not to mention, the booth of people across from us were being asses and kept staring. But seriously. The only thing that happened was I flashed my mom some boobie when I was fumbling with my nursing cover. But hey, its my mom.


BJ Mcconnell said...

Good for you Bugs! Great writing, wondrous adventure, and, doing the most natural thing all animal moms do for their young... even whales... BUT, total applause to the pants buttoning. You were the friend I hated for six months.. Hugs, mom

Aly said...

Oh dear god- I think I would have become the crazy lady half laughing & half sobbing when the middle schoolers walked in. Good job momma! The nursing covers will definitely help. They gave me enough coverage to make me feel confident nursing in public.