Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy National Thaw Day

I have my most profound thoughts in the middle of the night.  Then when the sun rises I can't even remember what time I was up let alone what my thoughts were.  I know of late I've been less than riveting but my groove will be back soon.  Why?  Cause my computer will be back soon!  Until then, a few thoughts.

I remembered to put the turkey in the fridge today.  Victory.

Emerson used to look just like me and Cannon and now she looks A LOT like Dan.  Pics soon I promise (ref. above computer issues).

I would have made a great queen but I suppose Kate Middleton will have to do.  She is lovely.  I'll be anxiously awaiting my invitation.

BGB's stocking is now embroidered.  Nothing is stopping me from decorating.  Look.  Out.

Let my obsession with hair bows begin.  Today, I shop.

Waited too long last year to get Christmas pj's... will not make the same mistake this year.  Today, I shop.

As we prepare to give thanks for all that we have and celebrate with too much food, wine, and cheer, we've decided to adopt a family for Christmas.  We think it will be a wonderful tradition for our children (and us) to grow up learning to help others and appreciating all that we have.  The Salvation Army supported my Grandmother and her family when they arrived on US soil from Poland so this holiday season, we'll join them in helping those less fortunate.  As I say often, we are luckier than we deserve.

We're buying each other a new furnace for Christmas.  Don't be jealous.

The Best part?  New traditions.

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