Monday, November 15, 2010

FlavoRx Fail

A cough.  He's had a cough for the better part of a month.  It came with a nasty cold right about the time Emerson was born.  The green gunk went away.  The cough has lingered.  Then came a fever on Saturday.  A fever that kept coming back.  I was up with two children last night.  So, today, I call the doctor. 

See, we know his tubes are out.  So, my fear of 'earning back the tubes' crept in and I was worried about an ear infection.  To the doctor we go.  We all know how those visits usually go (precisely why I was SO thankful to have Dan with me).  This one was fairly smooth and if she could have diagnosed him without checking his ears or mouth they would have been BFF.  The second she put that thing in his ear he fell out of love with the doctor and started screaming.  He is surprisingly strong I might add.

Fortunately, his ears are fine.  His tonsils are however, swollen and have white dots on them.  Oh and he has a sinus infection. 

So she says, 'how's he with medicine?'. 

'Good!  Really good!' we exclaim enthusiastically (an exclamation that will soon bite us in the ass).  So enthusiastically in fact she thought we were kidding.  We weren't.  The kid asks for medicine.  The pink kind.  So much so that sometimes we give him water and tell him it's medicine.  Creating an addict?  Perhaps. 

Anyway.  Augmentin.  She wants to put him on Augmentin.  Ok, fine. Sounds good.  Will it keep us from having to get a chest xray and make him better?  It will?  Ok, sounds good!

Augmentin is basically like liquidy cottage cheese.  So she says 'get the FlavoRx shot of flavor in it, it'll make it go down smoother.'  Liar.

It gets ugly here.  We bribe with M&M's.  Fail.  We bribe with ice cream.  Also fail.  I would judge people who did what we attempted, until tonight.  So, we attempted to hold down our freakishly strong two year old and force the medicine (which we had mixed with the pink stuff in hopes of disguising it) down.  Fail.  Medicine on his shirt, his face, Dan's shirt, Dan's face.  Everywhere but in his mouth, down his throat, and healing his body.  Eff.  Now we feel like terrible people and he didn't even get the meds.

Attempt 3.  Mix it with milk.  Put the milk in a big boy cup.  Semi success until he got to the bottom.  "I don't want it! It's yucky".  Eff.

Add chocolate to it.  Again.  "I don't want it."  Super.  We give up, hoping we've somehow forced enough down his throat to make a difference until tomorrow morning.

So, I don't want to mix it with milk cause he's a good milk drinker.  Who wants to ruin that?  I'm going to try yogurt in the morning and if that fails the doc's got to come up with something else.  Food coloring?  wonder if that'll work.  I'm not going to torture my sick 2 year old and scar him for life.  Or at least scare him enough to not ever take medicine willingly again.

So who's got solutions?  Suggestions?  Criticism?  Keep in mind, if you're mean, I'll write a post about you and I haven't actually slept in 3 weeks so my tongue is quick and sharp. :)

The Best part?  He got some.  I think.  Oh, and he's sick, so I don't feel nearly as guilty about a day filled with television (educational of course) after a night void of sleep.


Marty said...

What's the dose and how often does he have to take it? I'd suggest trying to give it to him while he's asleep. Shoot a little in and wait until he swallows then repeat. you might be able to time it so that you get him during his nap and again before you go to bed.

Lauren Stahl said...

I think we are living parallel lives or something! The girls tubes are in the ears, but really are just hanging out and waiting to fall out, they are kind of stuck in wax, but three doctors have looked at them and not taken them out. Then Maddie has Gerd and if her Prevacid doesn't work she will probably have to have her tonsils and adenoids taken out...good times. I hope the amoxicillian works and again, not sure what they flavored the augmenting with, but Target's flavoring is great and the girls never had a problem with it when they had to take it for ear infections. Hope you get a nap soon!