Thursday, October 7, 2010

Walking is working... sort of.

Past elementary school, I was never an 'A' student.  'B's' and B+'s' were fine by me.  Didn't have the drive to work for A's and since my parents were cool with a 3.4 GPA, so was I.  Oh, and I'm terrible at math (and science for that matter) so A's weren't really an option when it came to those two subjects. 

So I give myself a B-ish on last weeks homework.  I'm 1cm.  Not as good as 2 and better than 0.  She's dropped some more but not enough to strip my membranes (on a side note, Dan has requested that I stop using those three words together so from here on he'd like me to refer to it as 'hogwash'.  not sure why he chose that word but he did).  We can talk about hogwash again next week but our Cannon watchers have plans for next weekend so we might not do the hogwashing until 39 weeks.

I gained .8 pounds which I'll take.  My bloodpressure is fine.  Everything is good.  Can't ask for much more than that.  Except for maybe 1 more centimeter. 

The good news is that at 40 weeks with Cannon, I wasn't dilated AT ALL.  So to be 1cm at 37 weeks means good things.  I'm thinking 10.20.2010. :)

The Best part?  BGB is moving out. 

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