Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Situation

Not another Jersey Shore post, sorry to disappoint.  Although should I feel inspired, look for one on Sister Wives, my new reality show obsession.

The situation with me and BGB. 

My blood pressure is still high.  Like 150/90.  Too high.  I don't have preeclampsia because I have no other symptoms but they still don't want my BP to stay high.  So...

My parents are on their way here and when they get here tonight we'll head to the hospital.  Unfortunately things aren't very far along so they'll spend the night 'thinning things out' and then the induction will start in the morning.  And with any luck, she'll slide on out and tomorrow we'll have a new member of the family. 

I'm not NUTS about the way this is going to go but it is what's best for me and for BGB and that's what's important.  Plus, Cannon won't be shuffled around and will be with my parents having a blast.  So, bring it.

Say a few prayers that the epidural works (or that miraculously I go into labor on my own tonight). :)

Taking a laptop (probably 2) with us (duh) so I won't be too out of touch. 

I showered at 1... suppose I'll shower again before we head to the hospital.  Now that I have time to think about what to pack I'll probably stress over that (I'm a terrible horrible no good packer).  And I'm praying for patience.  The big concern in doing an induction this way is that I end up with a c-section.  No one wants that.  So, I have to be patient.  I have to remember these things take time.  I'll be channeling my inner Dali Lama over the next 24 hours.

xoxo to all.

The Best part?  She's coming!


McCulloch Family said...

Yay!!! She's coming!!! I can't wait to hear all the exciting!!! She's coming!

Lauren Stahl said...

Can't wait to see pictures!