Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Observations and Revelations

We drink at least one pot of coffee now.  Sometimes two.

My two year old might as well be a fourth grader.  I can NOT get over how big and grown up he is now.  He may as well be speaking with a British accent and using words like 'inpromptu' and 'plethora'.

If Cannon was older he would be taking full advantage of the fact that we'll give him just about anything he wants right now.  What? You want a new BMW and a million dollars?  It's yours buddy.

Never thought I'd say this.  Cannon was a 'chunky' 8lbs 4oz and only 20 inches.  Subtract a pound and add a half inch.  Emerson has ONE outfit that fits.  One.  We'll be shopping today.

I can totally see how people get addicted to percocet.  No need for an intervention but the difference it makes in my pain management is amazing.  No idea why people refuse drugs. 

I fell asleep nursing twice last night.  E doesn't seem to mind.  Not sure how long I was asleep.  Oops. 

Little girls can pee on you too.  They also poop on you.  And on your bed if that's where you chose to change them.

I had ankles my entire pregnancy.  I would like them back.

No matter how warm you make the water in the 'squirt bottle' (if you don't know, don't ask) it's never warm enough.  Never.

The cleaning lady starts tomorrow.  We will be cleaning before she comes.  I hated when my mom made us do that, didn't make any sense.  Aren't we paying her to clean?  I would die before she saw our bathroom the way it is right now.

Friends who bring dinner over are the best.

I think there are bills to be paid.  I should look into that.

Life is so good we can barely stand it.

The Best part?  The 7 pound (slightly yellow) bundle asleep on my chest right now.


McCulloch Family said...

Love, love, love this post! My comments:
-Not only would I give my toddler anything she wanted in those first few weeks (ok, months)...but we'd also sometimes forget about the baby while tending to said toddler! Where's the baby? We have a baby? What's missing here? Oh....that bundle in the swing in the other room? I should probably check on her!
-I fell asleep nursing too many times to count. LOVED those moments (or hours).
-I concur on the water temp in the squirt bottle. Know where I just found mine? In my toddler's play-kitchen, in the fridge. NICE!
-Bills, shmills...doesn't it feel like the entire world has stopped?!?!? LOVE IT!
Thinking of you...

Aly said...

This is one of my favorite entries!
It's so telling of those bleary-eyed but blissful days with, as Jackson would say, a fresh-born baby.

Meggie Dials said...

Squirt bottle? Um. I have no idea what this is about but I am sure my guesses aren't that far off. Warm that puppy up.
I love her. And I love your family. I cannot wait to meet her.
And your cleaning lady? You won't have to clean for her every time. But man will she become the best friend you don't know. A.Maze.Ing.