Sunday, October 10, 2010

a little known fact

Most of you probably don't know this about me. 

In addition to being an intriguing, funny, witty, charming, thought provoking, enlightening, often life changing writer, I am also a poet.  I write poetry.  Off the top of my head.  Rhyming poems.  Generally when there's a big event coming up for someone I love.  Not for my better half really, I think I've written him 2 or 3 poems in the course of our 8 year relationship.  Mostly I write for my friends.  Usually when they have big events coming up.  Normally I would put it in an email or mail it in a card but this time I am going to share it with the world.  Shout it from the rooftops.

My dear friend Meggie is about to tackle ANOTHER marathon this weekend.  And it's not just any marathon.  It's the NIKE Women's Marathon in San Francisco.  She is nothing short of a rockstar and no poem I compose will do justice to what she will tackle and conquer this weekend.  But, alas, I give it a go.  Hope you enjoy.  Oh, and if there are inside jokes, they will remain just that, inside.  Hope you enjoy anyway.

 Run to be Megs, Run to be.
San Francisco you will see.
On foot, stride by stride.
Let that girl Kathryn be your guide.

You have trained and trained.
Hit every goal for which you aimed.
The BHAG is yours.
Then, you can go on the Golden Gate tours.

What? What's that you say?
Need some things to think about that day?
Say no more, no more my friend.
I will get you to the sweet sweet end.

Pasta salad and scallops too.
Perhaps throw in some Beta Brew?
Cheese and diet coke you love.
When you are finished you can have some of (both).

Food thoughts make you sick?
Well what is it that makes you tick?
What about those dear dear pups?
Harper and Dex definitely have ups.

How about this, this one will work.
How bout that cute husband and his little smirk?
He's a runner too you know...
He runs too, even in the snow.

Your dedication and drive are unparalleled.
Have you ever tried to rhyme with unparalleled?

Mom Bunny is so so proud.
Susan Long Braid too and she's shouting it loud.
Ann and Marsha will high five.
To see you finish this mofo alive.
Show those hills who's boss.
And with a new PB the finish line you'll cross.
No matter what the time I'm still amazed.
You are my hero, do not be phased.
Wish I could be there to see you at the end.
Good thoughts and vibes I will send.
Across the prairies and the mountains high.
Go get 'em Megs, go get 'em, says I!
The Best part?  She's gonna rock it.
And if you're wondering.  5 minutes.  Off the top of my head.  Impressive.  I know.


Natalie said...

Love the LBG reference!!

McCulloch Family said...

My favorite part? You used a poem!!! Love it. Go get 'em Meggie!

Unknown said...

LBG and Marsha and Ann, oh my! Your poetic talents are..... unparalleled. ;)

Allie said...

You're funny! And a good writer too. Glad I stumbled by your blog.