Thursday, October 7, 2010

... from a can...

Put some chicken and canned green beans on a plate for Cannon for dinner tonight.  He won't eat regular vegetables (by 'regular' I mean 'fresh') so I thought I'd give canned a shot.  He immediately took them off his plate.

So, in an effort to get him to eat them, I ate 2. 

Have you ever tasted canned green beans?  Sick.  They remind me of the lunchroom or a cafeteria where they scoop them through a slotted spoon so the 'water' or whatever they're 'marinating' in can drain.  Gross.

Can't say I blame him for not wanting them anywhere near his chicken.

Back to the drawing board.

The Best part?  We tried.


Hillie Gaither said...

the only vegetable i had in my house today was frozen broccoli. I hate broccoli and i'm not entirely sure why i bought it. I guess I just wish I was a broccoli eater. So I melted cheese over it. And spent time tonight googling how to season broccoli without butter or cheese. it's impossible.

I'm 29 and still have to trick myself into eating veggies...

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

pretty sure we'll get along great :) Added you to my reader!

Lauren Stahl said...

I know it is messy but have you tried dipping sauces? My girls love ranch and my sister used to put Mayo on her broccoli, that was the only way she would eat it. Also, carrots cooked in a little brown sugar and butter is awesome!
I get frozen stuff because it is so much better than canned, no salt or whatever and you can get those zip n steam bags and everything cooks really quick and it is easy clean up! Good luck and keep trying.