Sunday, October 24, 2010


I'm sitting on one.  Not eating one.  It goes everywhere I do.  She's worth every ounce of pain.

I have a million blog posts floating around in my head and sorting it all out will take time.  How bouts a quick labor summary?

Wednesday (10.20.2010, the could've been birthday) midnight.  'Ripening' started.  Thursday 7am, contractions started.  Tolerable.  I was rocking.  4cm.  Bring on the epidural trial.  They did it.  It worked.  With one hotspot.  One hotspot that would be the end of me.  Stuck at 4cm.  Pitocin.  Still rocking.  Breathing through pain in the hotspot.  10cm at 9pm Thursday.  Rapidly approaching 24 hours.  Pushing.  Immense pain.  Horrible pain.  Didn't want to risk re-doing the epidural to find that the second one didn't work at all.  Go get her.  Please go get her.  So he did.  I pushed, he pulled.  10:34pm.  Miracle #2 enters our lives.  Pain disappears.  Our hearts overflow.  She is perfect.

We are so so blessed.   I had a glass of wine last night.  I haven't slept since Tuesday night (it's Sunday). 

She looks EXACTLY like Cannon only she's petite and girly.  We are all in love.

Lots more to come.  Starting to sort out thoughts.

The Best part?  Too many to chose from.  Life.  Is.  Perfect.

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