Thursday, October 28, 2010

1 boy and 1 girl

So, there is a cut in a different direction than most 'cuts'.  There are stitches.  There is percocet involved.  I ran out.  Called to renew the prescription and this is the conversation I had with the nurse at my OB's office.

Nurse: So, how are you feeling?
Me: (thinking we're talking about the reason I'm calling, to refill a prescription on a controlled substance) I'm ok, just still pretty sore.
Nurse: And how is the baby?
Me: She's good.
Nurse: And so now you have how many kids?
Me: 2.
Nurse: So you have a girl... and...
Me: a boy.
Nurse: Good for you!  One of each.  So you want Dr. Crawford to renew your prescription?
Me: Yes, I'm still pretty sore.
Nurse: Ok, you can come and pick it up anytime (did you know you have to pick up prescriptions for percocet? they can't be called in).

And scene.

So, was that a quiz?  Was she making sure I wasn't high?  Was she afraid I'd be handing the pills out on Halloween?  I'm not sure.  The good news is I passed the test.  And she was probably just being nice making conversation.  I, on the other hand, was probably just paranoid that they would question why I want more pills.  This could quickly spiral out of control. 

In other news...

In 12 hours our little girl will be 1 week old.  I'm feeling a headbanded photo shoot in our future.

Cannon went to school today in a tshirt that says "Coolest Big Brother".  Cause he is.

1 week appointment this morning, she gained 3 ounces in 3 days.  We'll take it.  Apparently my milk is working.  Hoo. Ray.

If I were a contestant on the Biggest Loser, I would definitely be above the yellow line this week.  Why?  Oh, cause in the last 7 days I've lost 20 pounds.  What?  Um, I have fought off five pounds for MONTHS before.  I know it's mostly water weight and baby but does that matter?  Nope.  Sure doesn't. 

The Best part?  Pumpkin carving tonight.


Aly said...

Hooray for gaining ounces! and mommy losing 20lbs! hey- water weight is still weight.

not gonna lie... your balance of 1 boy and 1 girl leaves me a little green with envy. :)

I can't wait to see the head-banded 1 weeks pics.

Lauren Stahl said...

Wow 20 pounds in one week, way to go! I can't believe it has been almost a week, where is time going? I guess that is good for me, one week closer to my not being pregnant haha. Hope you are feeling less sore!

Jill said...

Yay to your milk working! Congratulations on the pretty little girl!