Sunday, October 31, 2010

holy exhaustion batman...

It would take little, if any, work at all for me to dress as a strung out crack addict for Halloween tonight.

We were doing ok... until.

We've been trying to get in bed around 10.  I'll feed E and then we all go to sleep for a few hours.  She's been getting up every 2 1/2 or 3 hours.  She'll nurse and go back to sleep.  Until last night.  Or was it the night before?

Latching on was a foreign concept to a starving little girl last night.  She wasn't interested.  At. All.  I had no idea what to do.  We had no idea what to do.  Short of putting chocolate on my nipple I was at a loss.  I have plenty of milk (read: soaking her with milk).  I thought we had the latch down.  Guess not.   So I pumped and gave her a bottle.  I didn't want to.  I cried about it.  I cried most of the night actually.  But after she had the bottle she slept for a while then we went through it all again. 

With swollen, bleary eyes I frantically googled this morning and found the number for the local LLL (La Leche League).  I am NOT a breast feeding proponent (I really think it's an individual decision and no one else can tell you how or what is best for you and your family).  Cannon never latched and he got breast milk from a bottle for about 12 weeks until I was tired of being a cow.  He is a perfectly healthy, smart, mostly formula fed baby. 

But this time, I wanted to try again.  More for me than for E.  I wanted to be able to do it.  For some reason it was really important to me this time.  So, imagine being exhausted from a new baby.  Sitting in her nursery in the middle of the night, bawling.  It was not a pretty sight.  Ask Dan. 

After a conversation with the LLL lady who was absolutely nothing short of delightful and pleasant when I called her at 8am on a Sunday, and a few deep breaths we got a latch this morning.  For half an hour.  Thank. God. 

We're going to try and feed her every couple hours today so she doesn't get extra hungry and frustrated before we can latch and hope that helps.  We shall see. 

Could be quite a treat for the trick or treaters. :)

The Best part?  It's a new day.  A cloudy, foggy, exhuasted day but it's a new day.

Oh and please consider this an advice solicitation from any of you super breast feeders... I'm soliciting advice.  :)  You know who you are.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

1 boy and 1 girl

So, there is a cut in a different direction than most 'cuts'.  There are stitches.  There is percocet involved.  I ran out.  Called to renew the prescription and this is the conversation I had with the nurse at my OB's office.

Nurse: So, how are you feeling?
Me: (thinking we're talking about the reason I'm calling, to refill a prescription on a controlled substance) I'm ok, just still pretty sore.
Nurse: And how is the baby?
Me: She's good.
Nurse: And so now you have how many kids?
Me: 2.
Nurse: So you have a girl... and...
Me: a boy.
Nurse: Good for you!  One of each.  So you want Dr. Crawford to renew your prescription?
Me: Yes, I'm still pretty sore.
Nurse: Ok, you can come and pick it up anytime (did you know you have to pick up prescriptions for percocet? they can't be called in).

And scene.

So, was that a quiz?  Was she making sure I wasn't high?  Was she afraid I'd be handing the pills out on Halloween?  I'm not sure.  The good news is I passed the test.  And she was probably just being nice making conversation.  I, on the other hand, was probably just paranoid that they would question why I want more pills.  This could quickly spiral out of control. 

In other news...

In 12 hours our little girl will be 1 week old.  I'm feeling a headbanded photo shoot in our future.

Cannon went to school today in a tshirt that says "Coolest Big Brother".  Cause he is.

1 week appointment this morning, she gained 3 ounces in 3 days.  We'll take it.  Apparently my milk is working.  Hoo. Ray.

If I were a contestant on the Biggest Loser, I would definitely be above the yellow line this week.  Why?  Oh, cause in the last 7 days I've lost 20 pounds.  What?  Um, I have fought off five pounds for MONTHS before.  I know it's mostly water weight and baby but does that matter?  Nope.  Sure doesn't. 

The Best part?  Pumpkin carving tonight.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seeing Double

Bet you didn't know that we have twins.  

The Best part?  The girly version of Cannon :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Observations and Revelations

We drink at least one pot of coffee now.  Sometimes two.

My two year old might as well be a fourth grader.  I can NOT get over how big and grown up he is now.  He may as well be speaking with a British accent and using words like 'inpromptu' and 'plethora'.

If Cannon was older he would be taking full advantage of the fact that we'll give him just about anything he wants right now.  What? You want a new BMW and a million dollars?  It's yours buddy.

Never thought I'd say this.  Cannon was a 'chunky' 8lbs 4oz and only 20 inches.  Subtract a pound and add a half inch.  Emerson has ONE outfit that fits.  One.  We'll be shopping today.

I can totally see how people get addicted to percocet.  No need for an intervention but the difference it makes in my pain management is amazing.  No idea why people refuse drugs. 

I fell asleep nursing twice last night.  E doesn't seem to mind.  Not sure how long I was asleep.  Oops. 

Little girls can pee on you too.  They also poop on you.  And on your bed if that's where you chose to change them.

I had ankles my entire pregnancy.  I would like them back.

No matter how warm you make the water in the 'squirt bottle' (if you don't know, don't ask) it's never warm enough.  Never.

The cleaning lady starts tomorrow.  We will be cleaning before she comes.  I hated when my mom made us do that, didn't make any sense.  Aren't we paying her to clean?  I would die before she saw our bathroom the way it is right now.

Friends who bring dinner over are the best.

I think there are bills to be paid.  I should look into that.

Life is so good we can barely stand it.

The Best part?  The 7 pound (slightly yellow) bundle asleep on my chest right now.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


She was Emerson all along.  We both knew it.  We just had to wait and see her.  She was Emerson Elizabeth from the start.

Emerson.  Because we like it.  Because it's classic without being traditional.  Because it rolls off the tongue of a 2 year old and a 60 year old.  Because it's sweet but strong.  Because it will look fabulous on a business card someday.  Because for now it will look amazing monogrammed across her fancy pants.  Because Emme is a precious nickname.  Because it goes swimmingly with Cannon.  Because it fits.

Elizabeth.  Because it's my middle name.  Because it's my Mom's name.  Because it's my late maternal Grandmother's name.  Because it's my paternal, paternal, maternal's (my paternal  grandfather's mother's) name.  Because it's Classic.  Because it goes with everything.  Because now she carries with her a legacy. 

The Best part?  She was Emerson all along.


I'm sitting on one.  Not eating one.  It goes everywhere I do.  She's worth every ounce of pain.

I have a million blog posts floating around in my head and sorting it all out will take time.  How bouts a quick labor summary?

Wednesday (10.20.2010, the could've been birthday) midnight.  'Ripening' started.  Thursday 7am, contractions started.  Tolerable.  I was rocking.  4cm.  Bring on the epidural trial.  They did it.  It worked.  With one hotspot.  One hotspot that would be the end of me.  Stuck at 4cm.  Pitocin.  Still rocking.  Breathing through pain in the hotspot.  10cm at 9pm Thursday.  Rapidly approaching 24 hours.  Pushing.  Immense pain.  Horrible pain.  Didn't want to risk re-doing the epidural to find that the second one didn't work at all.  Go get her.  Please go get her.  So he did.  I pushed, he pulled.  10:34pm.  Miracle #2 enters our lives.  Pain disappears.  Our hearts overflow.  She is perfect.

We are so so blessed.   I had a glass of wine last night.  I haven't slept since Tuesday night (it's Sunday). 

She looks EXACTLY like Cannon only she's petite and girly.  We are all in love.

Lots more to come.  Starting to sort out thoughts.

The Best part?  Too many to chose from.  Life.  Is.  Perfect.

Friday, October 22, 2010

She's here!

Emerson Elizabeth was born Thursday night.  Details soon on what was a very long process to bring her into the world and worth every single second.

Whoever said second babies come faster is a liar.

The Best part?  she's here.  Finally. And she's healthy and perfect. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

oh... and...

... in case you were wondering... I'm a basketcase of emotions and stress so I am certain my blood pressure right now is pushing 200....

deep breath...

The Situation

Not another Jersey Shore post, sorry to disappoint.  Although should I feel inspired, look for one on Sister Wives, my new reality show obsession.

The situation with me and BGB. 

My blood pressure is still high.  Like 150/90.  Too high.  I don't have preeclampsia because I have no other symptoms but they still don't want my BP to stay high.  So...

My parents are on their way here and when they get here tonight we'll head to the hospital.  Unfortunately things aren't very far along so they'll spend the night 'thinning things out' and then the induction will start in the morning.  And with any luck, she'll slide on out and tomorrow we'll have a new member of the family. 

I'm not NUTS about the way this is going to go but it is what's best for me and for BGB and that's what's important.  Plus, Cannon won't be shuffled around and will be with my parents having a blast.  So, bring it.

Say a few prayers that the epidural works (or that miraculously I go into labor on my own tonight). :)

Taking a laptop (probably 2) with us (duh) so I won't be too out of touch. 

I showered at 1... suppose I'll shower again before we head to the hospital.  Now that I have time to think about what to pack I'll probably stress over that (I'm a terrible horrible no good packer).  And I'm praying for patience.  The big concern in doing an induction this way is that I end up with a c-section.  No one wants that.  So, I have to be patient.  I have to remember these things take time.  I'll be channeling my inner Dali Lama over the next 24 hours.

xoxo to all.

The Best part?  She's coming!

There are signs....

I guess I get it.  I guess I understand why people tip toe around me or ask me if I'm ok or ask if I'm overdue.  I get it. 

The Best part?  That's not a maternity dress.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cavity free...

And still 1cm.  But.  My blood pressure is high.  Like really high for me.  Had a non-stress test today for BGB (she's fine) and bloodwork done.  Back to the doctor tomorrow to check the BP and if it's still high (which the doc thinks it most likely will be) we will schedule an induction for... drumroll please.... THIS WEEK.

The reality is that an induction isn't the perfect scenario (although the planner in me is in LOVE with not having to worry about my water breaking at walmart and worrying about where to take Cannon) given the fact that I'm only 1cm and there's a chance that an epidural won't work.  But.  We have to do what's best for me and for BGB.  The good news is that I'm 39 weeks and BGB is and will be fine. 

So, update tomorrow.

The Best part?  So so close.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Open Wide

I don't love the dentist.  I'm going tomorrow.  I scheduled it today (fresh highlights and white teeth for the arrival of BGB... first impressions are everything, right?).  This means I have little to no time to act like I floss everyday.  Damn.

My mom is the only person I know who flosses everyday. 

The Best part?  I know I'm not the only one.  Maybe the only one brave enough to admit it, but I know I'm not the only one.

Friday, October 15, 2010

For serious y'all.

**chances are I'll offend one or two readers who are more devout than I am, I apoligize ahead of time**

I don't get serious very often, if ever.  This isn't that serious but I rarely touch topics like religion or politics just because I'm not passionate enough about either and honestly, it's more fun to talk about poop and dogs getting sprayed by skunks and the stupid things people say to pregnant women.

I believe.  If you've witnessed the miracle of childbirth, how could you not believe something?

A brief history.  I was baptized Catholic.  We've been to Methodist churches, Presbyterian, Lutheran and finally in high school settled on Unitarian.  You know, Unitarian.  We don't really care what you believe or how much you want to believe, just believe.  I remember services on Easter where poodles wore bunny ears. People wore jeans to church before wearing jeans to church was cool.  This probably most closely resembles the way I feel about religion.  I'm not a big fan of organized religion.  Mostly because I don't think you have to go to a building and sit with a bunch of people and listen to someone talk for an hour a week to be classified 'a believer'.  I believe on my terms and pray on my terms and if that's a problem for whoever's upstairs then I guess I'll find out someday. 

When it comes to our children, we will educate them about all religions.  Yes, all of them.  I don't think anyone has enough evidence to prove to me or anyone else why what the Jews believe is wrong or what the Muslims believe is right.  Just like they will chose their path in life, our children can chose how religious they want to be and what they want to believe. 

I digress.

I believe. 

My Dad had chest pains last week.  He's in great health (or so we thought), exercises all the time, and eats ok-ish.  A stress test on Thursday revealed exercise induced arrhythmia.  Some more tests and they determined that they needed to do a cardiac catheterization, today.  Yes, today.  What they found was 99%, yes a 99% blockage of the 'widow maker' artery.  99%. 

I believe.  We could have (and most likely would have) found out about this the hard way. 

So, today, I thank God, Allah, Buddha, Mohammed, Brigham Young, John the Baptist, whoever else needs to be thanked.  I am so very thankful.  We all are.  And as always, we are so lucky. 

I also need to thank BGB for staying put.  She's more intuitive than I thought. 

The Best part?  Miracle.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

say what?

Do you ever find things too coincidental?  I'm pretty sure I have a blog stalker who is also a copycat.  Just saying.

Of the blogs I follow, I follow them all (ok fine, all but like 2) publicly.  I'm not ashamed of being a stalker follower.  And yes, I do grab inspiration/ ideas from interesting, well written blogs.  But this is slightly different.  It's ok.  I think. 

I know what you did last summer.  Just saying.

The Best part? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Slow learner?

Still haven't finished my '2cm' homework.  Guess that means I'm a slow learner.  Yes, it's disappointing but there's another way to look at it.  I am lucky enough to grow full term, healthy babies with fat rolls.  Lots of women aren't so lucky.  And since the pregnancy has been easy, I really do feel fine, we'll enjoy the coming days or weeks as a family of three.  Knowing things can change quickly makes it easier too.  My one request is that I am home on Halloween to trick or treat with Cannon.  Come hell or highwater.

I know that my stories about people being assholes to me are much funnier but today in line at the store a woman (who was young, dressed to the 9's and way too cute to be shopping at Dollar General, probably what most people say about me too) said, "I just have to tell you that you can't even tell you're pregnant until you look at your belly".  I kissed her.  Ok, I didn't, but I wanted to.  Why doesn't everyone have the same pregnancy couth?

The Best part(s)? 1. Panera put calorie counts on the menu.  Love.  2. My uterus is cozy.  Don't be jealous.  3.Peanuts and candy corn. 4. I spit toothpaste on my belly this morning.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

General Tso's Chicken

I'm not a nervous person.  Public speaking, no big deal.  Spiders, whatever.  Air travel, fine. 

It's here.  The anxiety is here.  Not like palms sweating all consuming anxiety, just a feeling in my ever growing belly.  It's coming.  Something is coming.  It's not constant and mostly shows up after Cannon's asleep and we're just watching tv and it goes away when I lay down to go to sleep.  I had the same feeling with Cannon.  My mind and body know something is coming and it's coming soon.  

I don't often admit weakness and have no plans of doing that here.  I've said it before, I'm not nervous about having another baby or welcoming another miracle into the world.  We're ready for BGB.  In fact, we're excited to meet her and can't wait for her to be here.  But.  Is there anxiety surrounding labor?  Yep.  There is.  Do I kind of remember how awful it was the last time?  Yep.  I do.  And while I know that I can do it again and that the 'prize' at the end is worth every second, it's still scary.  Couple that with the 'not knowing' when and I've got butterflies.   

The other night, we had Chinese.  I don't like fortune cookies.  If I'm going to eat a cookie it should probably have chocolate in it.  Anyway.  This was the fortune in the cookie I opened to give to Cannon (who also thought it didn't cut it as a 'cookie'). 

The typo actually makes it funnier.  I don't think a more appropriate fortune exists.  I believe in signs and that is a sign.  Did it take the anxiety away?  No.  Did it bring a smile to our faces? Yes. 

So until BGB gets here, I'll be here.  Gaining weight, chasing a 2 year old, and fighting off the butterflies.

The Best part?  Maybe it's not anxiety, maybe it's the Chinese food or the Chipotle burrito and ice cream I had last night... hmm.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

a little known fact

Most of you probably don't know this about me. 

In addition to being an intriguing, funny, witty, charming, thought provoking, enlightening, often life changing writer, I am also a poet.  I write poetry.  Off the top of my head.  Rhyming poems.  Generally when there's a big event coming up for someone I love.  Not for my better half really, I think I've written him 2 or 3 poems in the course of our 8 year relationship.  Mostly I write for my friends.  Usually when they have big events coming up.  Normally I would put it in an email or mail it in a card but this time I am going to share it with the world.  Shout it from the rooftops.

My dear friend Meggie is about to tackle ANOTHER marathon this weekend.  And it's not just any marathon.  It's the NIKE Women's Marathon in San Francisco.  She is nothing short of a rockstar and no poem I compose will do justice to what she will tackle and conquer this weekend.  But, alas, I give it a go.  Hope you enjoy.  Oh, and if there are inside jokes, they will remain just that, inside.  Hope you enjoy anyway.

 Run to be Megs, Run to be.
San Francisco you will see.
On foot, stride by stride.
Let that girl Kathryn be your guide.

You have trained and trained.
Hit every goal for which you aimed.
The BHAG is yours.
Then, you can go on the Golden Gate tours.

What? What's that you say?
Need some things to think about that day?
Say no more, no more my friend.
I will get you to the sweet sweet end.

Pasta salad and scallops too.
Perhaps throw in some Beta Brew?
Cheese and diet coke you love.
When you are finished you can have some of (both).

Food thoughts make you sick?
Well what is it that makes you tick?
What about those dear dear pups?
Harper and Dex definitely have ups.

How about this, this one will work.
How bout that cute husband and his little smirk?
He's a runner too you know...
He runs too, even in the snow.

Your dedication and drive are unparalleled.
Have you ever tried to rhyme with unparalleled?

Mom Bunny is so so proud.
Susan Long Braid too and she's shouting it loud.
Ann and Marsha will high five.
To see you finish this mofo alive.
Show those hills who's boss.
And with a new PB the finish line you'll cross.
No matter what the time I'm still amazed.
You are my hero, do not be phased.
Wish I could be there to see you at the end.
Good thoughts and vibes I will send.
Across the prairies and the mountains high.
Go get 'em Megs, go get 'em, says I!
The Best part?  She's gonna rock it.
And if you're wondering.  5 minutes.  Off the top of my head.  Impressive.  I know.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

... from a can...

Put some chicken and canned green beans on a plate for Cannon for dinner tonight.  He won't eat regular vegetables (by 'regular' I mean 'fresh') so I thought I'd give canned a shot.  He immediately took them off his plate.

So, in an effort to get him to eat them, I ate 2. 

Have you ever tasted canned green beans?  Sick.  They remind me of the lunchroom or a cafeteria where they scoop them through a slotted spoon so the 'water' or whatever they're 'marinating' in can drain.  Gross.

Can't say I blame him for not wanting them anywhere near his chicken.

Back to the drawing board.

The Best part?  We tried.

Walking is working... sort of.

Past elementary school, I was never an 'A' student.  'B's' and B+'s' were fine by me.  Didn't have the drive to work for A's and since my parents were cool with a 3.4 GPA, so was I.  Oh, and I'm terrible at math (and science for that matter) so A's weren't really an option when it came to those two subjects. 

So I give myself a B-ish on last weeks homework.  I'm 1cm.  Not as good as 2 and better than 0.  She's dropped some more but not enough to strip my membranes (on a side note, Dan has requested that I stop using those three words together so from here on he'd like me to refer to it as 'hogwash'.  not sure why he chose that word but he did).  We can talk about hogwash again next week but our Cannon watchers have plans for next weekend so we might not do the hogwashing until 39 weeks.

I gained .8 pounds which I'll take.  My bloodpressure is fine.  Everything is good.  Can't ask for much more than that.  Except for maybe 1 more centimeter. 

The good news is that at 40 weeks with Cannon, I wasn't dilated AT ALL.  So to be 1cm at 37 weeks means good things.  I'm thinking 10.20.2010. :)

The Best part?  BGB is moving out. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm repeating myself...

I'm quite certain I am

I will work to avoid profanity in this post but it's gonna be hard.

On the streets of downtown Anywhere, USA today the following are two, not one, TWO conversations strangers chose to have with me.  And to be clear by strangers I mean two people I have NEVER EVER met, spoken to, or seen before.  Ever.  And by chose I mean that I did not strike up conversations with them, they talked to me.

Conversation one: me and a man in his 50's, smoking a cigarette, probably gay (I only mention this because you would think that a gay man would know better... at least better than a straight one.  I stand corrected)
Him: So, when are your triplets due?
Me: Hilarious. 
And scene.

Conversation two: me and a woman in her late 30's who had already asked me how long I had to go to school to do my job.
Her: I've seen you before.  I mean you look familiar but your face is a little chubby right now.
Cue my exit.

I'm pretty sure the police would have happily allowed me to punch both of these people in the face and not filed charges.

Here's the thing.  I'm 37 weeks pregnant.  My face should be chubby.  I'm almost finished growing another (just one old gay man) human being.  What did you do today?  Do you know nothing about what pregnancy does to the human body?  It's not pretty.  I didn't get pregnant cause I thought it would be a glamorous walk in the park.  It's not easy.  It's not pretty.  And no one feels pretty whilst pregnant.  I do not need a stranger to remind me that I look round.  So, shut your damn mouth.  If you have nothing nice to say... consider using the words 'glowing', 'lovely', 'striking', 'radiant'.

People never cease to amaze me.  Never.  The next time it happens, I may just unload.  I may.

The Best part?  I didn't punch anyone in the face today.  Thought about it.  Didn't.

If A... then B... if C... then D....

If you didn't already know this about me, I'm a planner.  Not an 'early Christmas shopper' kind of planner.  An organized, need to know what we're doing and when generally way before the time comes.  For instance.  When I got pregnant with BGB I invited my family here for Thanksgiving, knowing we'd be in no condition to travel with a newborn.  That was in March.  I'm a planner.  I make lists.  I am organized.  I still have a paper planner instead of using the one in my phone.  I'm old school.  My mom makes fun of me for it.  I got it from her.  And she knows it.

I'm not stressed.  Not about much of anything when it comes to BGB.  I'm less than concerned about another baby in the house.  We have a space in our lives carved out for her and she will fit just perfectly.  I'm not worried about dividing my attention.  I'm not worried about Cannon's adjustment period.  There will be a few tantrums and some confusion but we'll figure it out.  I'm not stressed about whether the epidural will work or not.  I'm not worried about labor.  But there is one thing.

My little boy.  The last thing I want is for him to be weirded out, scared, or just off kilter when we have to go to the hospital.  I know things will be different with two kids but with Dan and I not around, I don't want him to be upset with no one to comfort him.  So, if I am worrying about one thing, it's the 'plan'.

When you live 5+ hours from your family, your friends are your family.  We have terrific 'family' here, closeby and they're all part of the contingency plan.  We have great neighbors and babysitters who are in on it too.  Not to mention a fabulous 'school' where he's comfortable and happy where we can leave him knowing he'll be fine. 

But.  What if.

What if my water breaks in the middle of the night?  Or while I'm at work?  Or at bedtime?  Those are the scenarios I'm worried about.  It's 6 hours for my parents to get here.  So we started planning for those cases last night and it's probably why I slept terribly.  That and the fact that I'm 37 weeks and doesn't everyone sleep terribly from this point on?  I know we can wake him in the middle of the night and take a very tired, very confused, very sad toddler to be with friends in the dark of night but I'd like to avoid it. 

With Cannon we knew it was coming.  I labored at home for hours.  Please, please, please.  Let it be the same. (I guess I could always bring the backyard pool in and do what those ladies on A Baby Story do... give birth with my toddler in my arms (if you know me you just laughed out loud).)  That's the best case.  This week, we'll be making lists and planning for all cases.

Worst case, I use those kegels and 'hold it in?' :)

Please God don't let me be one of those women who gives birth in their car.  They always end up on the news (and I would know).

The Best part?  I do love the planning.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Timing is Everything

We had tshirts.  Hers said "C's best friend" and mine said "M's best friend".  She bit me once while we were playing 'witch'.  I got her back.  Hit her in the face with a five iron.  She has one dimple.  In my defense, I was showing her something she missed at golf clinic (we were the only two girls in the clinic) and she was standing right in front of me.  Truth be told, I probably felt worse about it than she did and I didn't take a golf club to the face.

Everyone has that friend from their childhood.  The one who you danced in the driveway with (and hid in the garage when cars drove by) to "Like a Prayer."   You may even remember the dance (there were lots of grapevines involved).  She's my oldest friend.  We've done a decent job of keeping in touch, not great but I know where she lives and have a vague idea of what she's up to and I can even keep tabs on her through my college friends.  She is always late (maybe I'm being unfair).  She WAS always late.  However, her hair bows, tshirts, scrunchie socks and keds (or Sam & Libbys) always matched better than mine did.

I am early.  To a fault. 


Or almost always. 

If I tell you I'll be there at 4, I'll probably be there at 3:50.  It's a problem.  I am NEVER late.  Except for fashionably and it took me YEARS to figure out how to do that.  And truth is, I'm always ready to go, I just make myself sit around until I know I can arrive at least 10 minutes late.  It's barely fashionable.  My better half has the same problem. 

Everyone told us that once Cannon arrived that would go out the window.  Didn't happen.  He's early too.  Call us good planners (I'm an excellent planner).  Call us nerds for being clock conscience.  I'm ok with it. 

So, BGB.  I thought she'd be late at first.  She may still be late.  But, if she's anything like her mother, she'll be early.  And I'm talking the kind of early that makes you question if she has anything better to do.  Truth is, she has nothing better to do than to give me heartburn, make it hard for me to sleep and continue to force me to gain weight.  So, little lady.  Let's go.

Oh, and those of you with two kids will laugh at this.  However, I'm pretty sure that the Bests Part will still arrive early or at least exactly on time, even with two on our hands.  It's in our blood.  It's in our genes.  We can't help it. 

The Best part?  The early bird gets the worm.  And gets judged for showing up before the caterer does.