Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vanilla Milkshake

It was one day late.  We were on the edge of our seats.  Even went for a milkshake.  Dan was doing the timing, I was doing the breathing.  We were watching TV and waiting.  Bags were packed.  They were five minutes apart for a good 5 hours. 

Finally at 6 we called the hospital. 

Hellbent not to be one of the women they sent back home, 3 centimeters was a relief to hear.

What follows is what I remember from the next 21 hours. 

I was prepared.  I knew an epidural wasn't an option and I was ready.  We took laps around the halls.  Ate ice chips (which gave me heartburn).  Grabbed the handrails during contractions.  Around midnight I got in the tub.  A tub they had not used in years.  It was relaxing ish. 

Out of the tub and ready to make an attempt at sleep and my water broke.  Surely we're making progress now!  A new doc came on at midnight and she did the much anticipated check.  3.  Stuck at 3.  Worst news ever because it meant pitocin. 

Devil's juice.  Without an epidural.  So now it's like 2am and here's what I remember.

Clinging onto the bedrails screaming.  Eyes closed.  Didn't talk to a soul.  Couldn't even yell at Dan for eating beef jerky (one of my least favorite smells).  For hours, no one came in.  They knew.  Meds exist for a reason.  Don't try to be a hero.  There are no pictures from this time frame.

1pm on 9.08.08 an anesthesist who felt sorry for me attempted a spinal (temporary epidural, only lasts about 45 minutes).  Best 45 minutes of my life, ok fine just my labor.  I knew what it felt like to have an epidural if only to get me to 10 and it did.

Time to push.  I've got nothing.  After hours of screaming and slowly dialating I had nothing left to push.  Forceps?  Sure, go ahead.  Get him out.  She did.  3:15pm on 9.08.08 our lives changed forever.  Finally.

It was worth every single second.  And if that's the way BGB wants to come into the world, I'm ready, again.  We will of course give an epidural the old college try this time.  But if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.  I'm ready.  I did it once, I can do it again.

The Best part?  Tomorrow we celebrate Cannon Rhys. 

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Jill said...

I LOVE a good birth story! I hope Cannon has a great day and lots of cake! Hap Day to You, as Violet would say!

I am surprised/dismayed that your doctor gave you pit after being stalled at 3cm for 6 hours. Seems to me like a reasonable amount of time to labor for a 1st time mom? Especially knowing that your spinal fusion wouln't allow for an epidural, I would think they would do everything in their power to avoid the violent contractions brought on by pitocin and get your body moving on its own.

Have you and Dan ever thought about hiring a doula to be present for the birth of BGB? I tend to fall on the crunchy side of things, but I know that women who have doulas tend to rate their birth experiences much more highly than those without. I will definitley be with a doula for #2 if I have any say in the matter. I wish I'd had the foresight to hire one for Violet's birth.

I am just thinking if an epidural isn't an option (and even if it is), the doula may be able to help you navigate the birth system to ensure you (and BGB) get the most gentle experience possible.