Friday, September 17, 2010

Shouldn't have left the house...

I just wanted lunchmeat.  Boreshead to be specific.  Can't buy that at my 'normal' grocery store so we headed to another store.  I was armed, determined to get Cannon to sit in the cart.  I'm way too pregnant to chase him around the store. 

A cherry push pop would do the trick.  And it did.  Worked like a charm.  If carrots would keep him in the cart I promise I would give him carrots (Mom).  Got my lunchmeat and a few other things and headed to the self checkout. 

On a side note, I prefer the self checkout cause I don't have to make small talk with anyone and sometimes I just don't feel like talking to strangers.  Anyway.

Total.  $36.37.  Grabbing through my purse where there are plenty of wipes to clean up the push pop there is one thing missing.  One big thing missing.  My freaking wallet.  Not there.  No panic though.  I knew exactly where it was.  In my diaper bag.  See, we went to the Children's Museum yesterday and I threw my wallet into my diaper bag cause then I don't have to carry my purse.  It's about efficiency.  Until now.

So, where's the diaper bag?  In the car?  Nope. It was a quick trip to the store.  I had wipes, a push pop and a sippy.  That was all I needed.  That, and my wallet.  Diaper bag, on the dining room table.


Fortunately the push pop lasted all the way home and back to the store to get my turkey.

The Best part?  At least I remembered shoes.

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Lauren Stahl said...

I hate to laugh at a pregnant lady, especially one so far along, but the way you wrote this had me laughing out loud. I hope your day gets better and your turkey was good :-)