Saturday, September 25, 2010

Put it in the bank.

So, as I mentioned in 35, I feel good.  And, the weather broke.  Crap.  No more excuses to not walk or at least move some (except for the I'm 36 weeks pregnant excuse). 

I woke up motivated.  Ready to walk, at least a little bit every day or every other day.  Not only will I feel good about myself but the more I walk the lower BGB will get the sooner labor will come and the easier labor will be (right!??!?!).  You may recall I walked a half marathon around week 18 and was in pretty good shape then.  Now I'm just round which is also a shape.  So we loaded up the jogger and went for a quick 1.2 mile loop this morning.  Broke a sweat.  Panted a bit. But it was good.  Except for around .7 miles in (less than 10 minutes) Cannon wanted out.  Badly.  Wiggling.  Yelling.  Not happy.  Finally we started watching for falling leaves.  Seemed to get us home.

He just saved us $500.

There is no point in buying a double jogger.  Right now.  Unless this is a phase.  I have friends whose two year olds will sit and watch a baseball game or sit through a meal with adults.  Not here.  Perhaps it's something we've done wrong?!?!  More likely I think it's that he's 2, he's curious, and active and if he's not entertained he wants to entertain himself.  Can't say I blame him, there's a big world to explore.  But until he decides being pushed around is still fun (which clearly it is) there's no need to buy a double jogger or stroller for that matter.  He's not a rider.

On another completely unrelated note, went to buy nursing bras this morning.  E.  That's all I'm going to say.  Oh, that and the teenage girls in Motherhood Maternity complaining about maternity clothes always make me laugh.  Yes, I've complained about them before too, those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones, right?  Just happens that my glass house has a wedding ring (that still fits). 

The Best part?  Fall festival this afternoon!

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