Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Operation Dilation

2 miles.  Done.  35 minutes.  AND my passenger RODE in the stroller the WHOLE time.  Granted I did a lot of '3...2...1... blast off!' and shoved him feet ahead of me but whatever works.

On a totally unrelated note.  I have two facebook pages.  My part time job requires that I have a professional page.  Long story short I posted a story I did about 1995 on my page and asked people where they were the last time the Reds clinched the division title (which they did last night! hooray!).  I was looking for the 'where you were at the moment when'... not quite what I got.  Got some random comments.  People told me that's the year they got a cat.  That's the time they were working as a security guard.  Like I care.  Well one girl told me she was in first grade.  Then proceeded to post this on my wall:

"How old r u?"

A) in the words of my dear friend GHG 'none of your damn business'.
B) old enough to type out words, especially three letter ones.
C) older than you.

Let this be a lesson.  I should not engage stranger facebook friends in conversation. 

The Best part?  2 miles.  Done and done.

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