Tuesday, September 14, 2010

made up for it...

So... if there was every any doubt.  I made up for the two pounds I lost two weeks ago by gaining four this appointment. 

It was either the:

peanuts and candy corn I inhaled all weekend (and plan to continue to inhale throughout the season, try and stop me)


chinese food I ate last night (chicken and brocolli what? crab rangoon? what do they put in that stuff, crack?)

Either way, don't care.

The Best part? Wouldn't take either of them (the pounds or the food) back. :)

6 weeks left!!!


Lindsay V said...

I wish I lived closer because I'd be right there with you eating candy corn :) Six freakin weeks!?!? Gooo Cor!

Lauren Stahl said...

I bet it was water retention from all the salt in the chinese food! Don't worry about it, you are still doing great.