Friday, September 10, 2010


So, in staying true to my quest to figure out how to make a living like the assholes on Jersey Shore, I discovered a website.  It's not going to pay me a dime but I'm hoping it'll help spread the word (about the blog). 

The website is and I think it may be a new obsession for me to find other blogs.  But, I added my blog under the 'humor' category cause I'm not saving the world or saving anyone any money (those blogs are a HUGE hit) and I figure most of the time I'm laughing at myself, my dog, or our life. 

So, if you like the Best part enough, even if you're secret stalker, click on the button on the right to vote for the Best part.

The Best part?  Putting myself out there.  Oh, and I started tweeting.  Thebestspart  Follow along!

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McCulloch Family said...

I can guarantee you that more than 27 people read your blog. I do not follow ANY blogs, yet I read about 20 religiously. And I personally know 3 other people besides me that read yours. Your writing cracks us up and gives us lots to talk about at the water cooler :)