Sunday, September 12, 2010

8 years left...

I'm not a gourmet.  But I generally consider myself a decent cook.  Not a big baker but I think my meals are usually pretty good.  I am not afraid to try new things and feel like I can follow a recipe with the best of 'em.  I'm excellent at appetizers and salads. 

I figure I have 10 years to perfect my 'Mom meatloaf' recipe.  You know, so my kids will say, 'I miss Mom's meatloaf' or 'it doesn't taste like yours mom!'  Cannon's 2.   

So, I decided to make meatloaf tonight.  I used this recipe.  Fail.  The only thing I really changed is that I used 2 pounds instead of a pound and a half cause I didn't want to throw away half a pound of beef (however, tossed way more than that of the finished product).  It was not good.  My meatloaf is never good.  The boys (Dan and a friend of his) ate it and (said they) liked it but Dan will eat almost anything.  I did not like it.  It was mushy.  It was too greasy.  It came out by the spoonful instead of by the slice.  It was not good.  It wasn't 'mom's meatloaf'. 

So, what's the secret?  Practice?  Age? Just cooking the hell out of it until it 'gels'?  I'm at a loss.  And it's not that meatloaf is a favorite of mine, but it's comfort food and it's easy and I feel like it's something I should have in my repertoire. 

So, on your mark, get set, tell me what the secret is!

The Best part?  I made good pasta and broccoli so I didn't starve.  Still not sure how/why the boys ate it (other than the fact that I'm 34 weeks pregnant and neither wanted to make me cry or piss me off).


Hillie Gaither said...

Random Gageby fact...I'm good at making meatloaf. So first things first. That recipe you have sucks. Use it merely as a guide for your experiments. (so use a pound and will bake down and help make it a more solid loaf. that's science not gluttony). Use whatever herbs you like. Onions are important and peppers are good, but add parsley or thyme or other green herbs you think taste good.

Now. To get the loaf to actually become a loaf...Soak a piece of bread in milk (not a lot, enough for the bread to soak it all up) and let that be the base for your "adhesive". That and an egg and a tiny bit of tomato paste should do it (get a small can-don't use it all. I'm talking like a tea spoon...). The meat should then be sticky. Not too wet, not too dry at that stage, so keep bread crumbs on hand if it's too wet, and milk if it's too dry, but you shouldn't need a lot.

And if you ever need a taste tester...I bad meatloaf is still good meatloaf in my mind:) Good luck!

Unknown said...

I use Joy of Cookings recipe, which was "my moms meatloaf" growing up :)