Thursday, September 2, 2010


Ok.  Before you go all 'me' on me and say to me what I would say to any of my friends who tell me what I'm about to tell you... let me tell you that I had nothing to do with this.  Before bed last night I ate a bowl of Grippos and 3 pop ice.

Had my 32 week appointment this morning and all is good.  Blood pressure was 116/64 (not sure I could be more relaxed), baby's heartbeat is about 140bpm, measuring right on time and I lost 2 pounds.  What?!?  I was hoping to only gain 2 pounds and stick with the 'pound a week' philosophy for the end of the pregnancy. 

So, I welcome all of this news especially at the beginning of what will no doubt prove to be an indulgent weekend.

Perhaps I should refinish a cabinet or two every day? :)

The Best part?  BGB is great.


Megan said...

I know a certain someone that you should send this fun news to :) YAY!

Lauren Stahl said...

Holy Crap, now you really are my idol, how the hell do you lose weight at 32 weeks, you are amazing! Also, what are grippos?