Monday, August 9, 2010

We don't live in the woods.

So, after we bought a house, we decided to get a dog.  (If we could keep the dog alive we could consider kids).  Let me tell you a little about Tucker.  Tuck was an adorable puppy and is a 'regal' dog, as described by others.  He looks dapper and royal. 

Tuck is a good dog.  He's a really good dog.  He hangs out, doesn't ask much of you and has never ever missed a piece of food within his reach.  He barks when he wants to be protective.  He gets excited when someone new comes in, for like 30 seconds.  He is especially 'sweet' to people who don't like dogs. 

Tucker has never met a foe, a stranger, or an enemy.  To that point, I really think he's lacking any amount of 'natural instincts' a golden retriever comes with.  It's concerning.

First, there was the skunk episode. 

Then, Thursday night at 10:30, against my better judgement (curfew is still in place) I let him out.  Within a minute or two, he's barking.  Not usually a big deal but since it was late I checked it out. 

Eyes.  I saw eyes.  Not Tucker's eyes.  Beady little red eyes.  Inches from Tucker.  So here's the scene.  Tucker, 85 pound Tucker, standing with his tail wagging, tongue out.  Next to Tucker is a rodent.  A nasty rodent that I immediately feared was the effing skunk. 

If Tucker could talk he would have said "Mom! Come meet my new friend!" 

His new friend was a POSSUM or opossum or whatever the hell they're called.  Like skunks, I have no idea what their value is in the world or on the food chain.  The possum is standing, frozen, inches from Tuck with it's mouth open, bearing ALL of it's gross teeth, hissing.

And our dog thinks he wants to play.  Seriously Tucker?  Do you have no 'gut instincts' nothing that makes you say 'wait, this animal has it's teeth out and is hissing... perhaps I shouldn't act friendly.. maybe I should bark... or show MY teeth... or at least back up a little bit.' 

Guess not.

Fortunately, we finally, after much coaxing, got him to come to us and scared the possum back up into the tree or down into the hole or wherever those things live.  Pretty sure we're going to have to call someone to address our 'critter/ rodent' problem.

The Best part?  Ignorance is bliss.

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