Friday, August 20, 2010

Victories. Small ones.

I ate no cookies today.  What?  What's that you ask?  What did I do with the extra cookies I bought at Panera for our playdate?  They're in the freezer.  Did not take one single bite.  I did have pop ice.  Fewer calories and no fat.  Victory.

I can still wear my rings.  With ease.  Victory.

I can wear shoes other than flip flops (although I have no desire).  Victory.

I did all the laundry today.  Victory.

Cannon napped for 2 whole hours.  Victory.

I took a shower.  Did not wash my hair.  Still a victory.

The weekend is here.  Victory.

The Best part?  Sitting here watching the little girl in my belly do somersaults.

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