Friday, August 20, 2010

Today I will not eat crap.

Hold me accountable. 

I was doing great on the pregnancy weight gain, and am still way behind where I was with Cannon but with 19 pounds and 9 weeks to go and a desire to stay below 30 gained, today I will not eat like shit.  I won't eat any of Cannon's cookies.  I will eat healthy foods.  I will snack on healthy things.  One day at a time.  Pop ice will be my reward at the end of the day. 

I bought the Shark.  Thought youd' be as excited as I am.

The Best part?  Finding excitement in a floor steamer.


Aly said...

Ok, very excited about the Shark & wanting one myself. :) Who know a wood floor steamer would be so cool?!?

Rebecca said...

Sorry, but I'm going to encourage you to eat crap. why? Because at my appt this morning I looked at the scale and saw I have gained 45 pounds. It pains me to type that. :) I have 5 ish weeks to go but I gained 10 pounds in three weeks (darn you water weight!). I'm not going to look anymore.

Join me!

Um, I also bought a new mop the last week. I was beyond excited about it.

Lauren Stahl said...

First I love my steam mop, there is nothing wrong with that it has changed my life :-) Second you are still my inspiration on this weight thing. 19 pounds in 30 weeks is amazing! I am at 18 weeks and up 7 pounds, the last 5 weeks I guess I had a growth spurt or just ate to much haha, either way I think you are amazing to have gained so little and you can totally reach your goal of 30 and if you go over a little it will be okay I bet it falls right off since you have been so without the whole pregnancy it won't stick around!