Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Men know better...

Disclaimer: I am not writing this post fishing for compliments.  I know my friends/ readers/ even most strangers think my belly is just perfect.  I am writing it because I want you to know how stupid people are.  I post pictures on facebook fishing for compliments :)  Also, this one required a bit of profanity... reader discretion is advised.

Conversation #1:
The scene is my place of employment.  The conversation is between me and someone else who was at my place of employment (that's as far as I'll go).
Other person: How much longer do you have?
Me: (at the time) 10 weeks.
Other person: Really?  I just can't believe how much bigger you are this time than last time.
Me: Really... actually I've gained less than half of the weight I had gained with Cannon at this point.
Other person: Wow... really?  I just can't believe how much bigger you look.
And scene.

Conversation #2:
Same location.  Same people involved.
Other person: Maybe instead of resting ice cream on your belly at night you could work on shooting your own video by putting a camera there.
Me: (silence)
And scene.

Conversation #3:
Kings Island Amusement park parking lot.  Just before 6pm.
A woman pulls up next to our live truck in her beat up Honda, proceeds to nurse a child way older than any child I would ever nurse and then get out of her car... (she judged me first.. FYI)
Her: Looks like you don't have long to go!
Me: About 8 weeks left.
Her: No way!  Really?  I would have never guessed, you look ready to go!
Me: Nope.
And scene.

I don't even really know where to start. 

With Cannon I was pregnant from my forehead to my little toe and everywhere in between.  Puffy face, kankles, the whole nine yards.  BGB is being much kinder to my body.  I do have a rather large belly, however, let me be very clear.  In case you didn't know there's a HUMAN BEING in there.  A REAL LIVE PERSON.  She weighs at least 3 pounds right now, so, I have a pregnant belly.  It's not a beer belly, it's not a gut, I am OBVIOUSLY pregnant. 

However, that is not a license for strangers and others alike to verbally vomit all over me with rude opinions they should keep to themselves.

Men know better. 

No man would ever even consider telling me anything but 'wow! you look terrific! love that baby belly on you!'.  So why is it that having a uterus gives you permission to be an asshole?  If you have never been pregnant you should NEVER say a word about the size of another pregnant woman because that will come back and bite you in your stretch mark covered ass.  If you have been pregnant before then you should know better. 

Aside from Heidi Klum I know no one (yes, Heidi and I are personal friends)  who feels sexy or even pretty while pregnant.  No one.  So, don't make it worse.  I guarantee you pregnant women already know what they look like (despite best efforts to not look in the mirror after the shower).  So, if you don't have anything nice to say... shut the eff up.

And to clarify.  I am NOT eating ice cream this time, I'm eating pop ice instead. 

The Best part?  I walked 3.2 miles today. 


CaSandra said...

Preach on sista!

If one more person looks at me and gasps, "Oh, wow, you've dropped!"

I'm going to put the dumbest look on my face and respond back, "Huh? Dropped what?" and see their reaction!

At least in 2 months (give or take) we will look back and laugh at this time... as for now... I agree that people should just keep their comments to themselves. Period.

Rebecca said...

Or what about, "You've really popped!" Um, thanks?

What do you do with that?

Lauren Stahl said...

Here is a little light for you, I totally agree these people are morons and ignorant, but think about carrying twins and looking full term at 4.5-5 months and still having another 4 months to go. I was huge and when I would leave my doctor's appointments after the 7 month, their office was at the hospital, people would actually stop me and ask me if my doctor knew I was leaving and if I really thought it was a good idea to leave! I totally get how inconsiderate people are, but it could be worse

Aly said...

It never ceases to amaze me what people will say to a pregnant woman. You are growing LIFE inside you. Seriously - keep your comments to yourself people b/c even though you don't think it's rude, it probably is.

My favorite comment was when I was 5 months pregnant with Jackson. A viewer emailed me & offered to be my Weight Watchers sponsor. Ya... um... no thanks.

fwiw- you look much smaller to me this time around. This is especially in terms of butt, arms, face, etc. Not that I'm checking out your backside all the time, but you're looking pretty damn good Mrs. Best!

Hillie Gaither said...

While never been pregnant, strangers (especially men) feel the need to gasp at the size of my boobs. "Wow you're boobs are enormous". I thank them for the brand new information then tell them that they have a big nose...even if they don't.

PS...I love Heidi Klum...and your belly...but mostly Heidi Klum