Sunday, August 29, 2010

I got nothin'...

I fully expected to return today with horror stories (and foder for a fabulous blog post) about traveling without Dan, 32 weeks pregnant, with an almost 2 year old.  Yes, Delta, he's not 2 yet, I can prove it.  Tales of temper tantrums, getting kicked in the belly countless times, and unhappy co-passengers. 

I've got nothin'. 

Each flight we had our own row of seats (no idea what I did to deserve that but when the gate agents in Cincinnati saw me coming and said 'do you want the bulkhead first row? it's empty' I could have cried).  Cannon watched Elmo and ate snacks.  That's about as eventful as it got!  Hooray.

We had a great few days with my parents at the lake.  Cannon is obsessed with them and had a blast riding in the golf cart, feeding the fish, we even got him in a life jacket for a few minutes!  Fastest boat ride ever.  But he put on the life jacket which is a victory.

We even got to hang with Uncle Ross!

My Mom and I hit the outlets and upon our return found my Dad leaning over Cannon who was laying on a towel on the floor of the garage preparing himself to change a massive diaper.  He was concerned about it getting all over the house so the garage was the next best option.  They both looked like deer in the headlights.  Pretty sure us pulling in saved the day.

It was a terrific trip!  It's also the last time I'll travel (esp. without Dan) before BGB arrives.

I came home to freshly laquered hardwood floors, a painted nursery, and countless other wonderful things done around the house.  Could never ask for more.

The Best part?  That popsicle!  Oh and a pink nursery :) Post to follow.

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