Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Final 10

Welp, there it is.  30 weeks.  Ok, fine.  29 1/2 weeks.  Here's the thing, I was 29 weeks on Thursday and as soon as that first day of week 30 starts, I consider myself 30 weeks.  It makes me feel better. 


My belly is now getting to the 'uncomfortably' big size.  It's in the way.  It's starting to get heavy.  BGB (Baby Girl Best) is sitting way lower than Cannon really ever did.  I know she looks high but this is low for me (super short torso, due to the aforementioned scoliosis).  So I get kicked in the bladder and hip bones far more often than I'd like cause those aren't the 'oh that's the sweet little baby kicking' kicks.  They're the 'how bout you stop dancing on my bladder kicks'.  They come with a really nice wincing face that makes talking to your boss uncomfortable, especially when you're forced to grab your belly in hopes of making it stop.


I have sciatica this time.  It's not crippling but it's noticable.  Constantly.  When I sit on the floor with Cannon to play I get pains down my legs.  When I stand up my back throbs.  It's part of it.  Funny that I've gained probably half of what I had gained at this point with Cannon and I'm having more pain than I did with him.  I know, I know, 'every pregnancy's different'.  I am still sleeping for the most part, except when one side falls asleep and I have to roll over which is a bed shaking, husband waking event.  And if I'm awake to roll over I might as well go pee. 


So, 10 weeks to go.  Don't get the wrong idea.  I want her to wait until she's good and cooked and ready.  I just want the last 10 weeks to fly by.

Bring it.  I'm not even worried about labor.  Epidural or no.  I'm in.  I'm ready.

The Best part?  It's mid August and no one has made the 'are you sure there aren't twins in there?' joke.

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Aly said...

You are in the home stretch! I can't believe in 10 weeks you'll be a momma of 2. Here's hoping they fly by!