Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bottoms Up

It's gotta be a phase.  Please God I hope it's a phase.  It's a phase right?

Of late Cannon has decided he doesn't want to wear pants.  He is constantly pulling off his shorts.  It has now evolved into pulling off his shorts AND his diaper.  Today that turned into pulling off his shorts, running away, coming back into the kitchen laughing naked and peeing on the dog.  Yes, ON THE DOG. 

Because the dog hasn't had enough trauma in recent weeks.

I know this is probably the beginning of the signs that's he's aware of when he has to go to the bathroom and isn't quite sure what to do about it.  To be clear, I have zero intentions of potty training before BGB comes.  Yes, I'd rather change a toddlers diapers than work on potty training.  For one, I don't have the patience and for two, I can't drink.  Judge me.  I just think potty training is a time when I might need a drink at the end of (or in the middle of) a long day. 

So, how long will the phase last?  Here's hoping not long. 

I'm not above using duct tape to keep the damn diaper on.

The Best part?  He thinks it's hilarious.


Lauren Stahl said...

That is too funny, but you are right he probably is ready to start training, when you are! The girls still don't like to wear pants, they pretty much wear dresses, but that doesn't really help you much, sometimes the elastic on pants just isn't comfortable, I can relate, I mostly wear work out pants or capri's!

Aly said...

Perhaps he thought his pee smelled better than month-old-skunk? The mental image is pretty funny! It's definitely a phase.