Sunday, July 11, 2010

what is wrong with me!?!

I mean why walk when you can sprint?  Why not tackle everything in one weekend? 

So, on Friday we took the front rail off of the crib.  He's on his fourth sleeping period in there, so far so good.  Granted, we are working pretty hard on wearing him out so he sleeps.  Zoo. Races around the house.  Walks.  Anything that will wear him out.  I think we'll take him swimming tonight.  Anyway, the new bed layout is going well.  Once we get his big boy room painted and decorated he'll move into a real big boy bed.

So, Saturday we had a swim lesson and as soon as he got out of the water he asked for it.  The dabby (passy).  Something clicked or flipped or something.  We got home, I cut the tip off of one and gave it to him.  I have been scouring websites and books on the best way to get rid of the passy.  He's too old to just get rid of it.  I couldn't just take it away cause the tears and sadness would drive me nuts.  So, I broke it.  It's what a lot of websites suggest and it's how I was 'weaned' from mine.  I handed him the one with the tip cut off and he looked at me like, 'are you kidding me?  what's wrong with this thing?'.  He's not sucking on it nearly as often (still sleeping with it, tipless) and seems to understand that they don't soothe him anymore.

So, now, what's wrong with me?  First, why do I decide to do everything all at once?  Thank goodness he's flexible.  Second, why am I sad about no more passy?  He walks instead of rides in the stroller.  He drinks of of sippys or cups instead of bottles.  He sits in a big boy seat at the table.  He's not in a crib anymore.  I know exactly why I'm sad.  He's not a baby anymore.  The passy was really the last 'baby' thing (other than diapers and let's be serious, those will stick around for a while) that he had.  And I took it away.  We took it away. 

The Best part?  There are still half a dozen dabbys stashed that are not tipless.  I'm not that foolish.


Lauren Stahl said...

You are just making life easier for yourself once the new little one arrives! We sent our pacifiers to the paci fairy and she sent the girls new sheets for their big girl beds. They asked for them, but we told them that the fairy had given them to kids who didn't have any and needed them. Hang in there there will be more moments that make you sad, but it is part of growing up and look on the bright side you get to do it all over again soon!

Unknown said...

He may not be a baby anymore, but he'll ALWAYS be your little boy.