Thursday, July 29, 2010

Soy aqui.

See?  I can still speak Spanish.

I've been slightly MIA and there's no apparent reason, just nothing of note going on. 

I am still pregnant.  Should be until approximately 2014 when I will give birth to an elephant.

I am nesting.  Or just disgusted by the dust and pet dander.  So I've cleaned the blinds this week (downstairs at least).  And now I know why I almost never do it.  It's a pain in the ass.  I got a quote to have this fancy dancy truck come to your house, take them down, and blow them off for  you.  I could spend $250 in a lot of places (perhaps on a flash for my camera) and blind cleaning is not one that thrills me.  Problem is while cleaning the blinds, I noticed the baseboards.  If only Oprah had hired me.... I'd have a maid by now.

I took Cannon grocery shopping this week, not sure why.  Haven't taken him in weeks.  I broke a sweat.  And spent too much money.  Why? (Dan asks)  Well, cause I'm so busy trying to figure out how to keep him sitting in the cart and making sure he has a sucker or a song to sing or a pretzel to eat that I end up throwing things into the cart.  I had to look at the reciept today to see exactly what I got for my $140.  Did we need two bags of giant pop ice?  Fail.

Tonight we have a date night, ish.  More of an event.  But it will be child free.  My vast selections of maternity coctail dresses has me with endless choices of what to wear.  Cheers. 

The Best part?  The big boy room is almost finished...

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Lauren Stahl said...

I too spend way more than needed when I have the girls with me. Wether it is me not paying attention or them grabbing things and putting them in the cart without me noticing it is always way more expensive to have my friends with me :-)