Saturday, July 24, 2010

not to be dramatic...

Let me start with a disclaimer: I know it's July.  I also know it's summer.  I understand that means that it's hot outside.  What I didn't know was that we moved to the surface of the sun.

Also, this is the first pregnancy related rant.  I'm allowed at least one a trimester so I'm behind.

It's the days when I wake up and hear weathermen say 'oppressive' and then start muttering about stifling dew points and heat indices that I want to shoot myself, or someone else.  105 is too effing hot. 

This is my second summer pregnancy (if there is a third pregnancy, it will not be a summer one) however, either 2008 was way cooler or life was way different then.  Pretty sure it's the latter. 

In 2008 I could sit my happy ass on the couch in the a/c, watch TV and eat ice cream.  In 2008 I didn't have to go outside.  In 2008 naps were frequent and things were quiet.  2010, not so much.  When you run out of basement time and episodes of Little Einsteins outside is the next best option.  Oh and did I mention Cannon LOVES it outside?  He wants to go out and sweat with the mosquitoes.  Me, not so much. 

Here's the other thing.  It's third trimester time and I'm tired.  I'm achy, uncomfortable and achy and I have 13 weeks left.  Cheers.  I don't remember being this 'ugh' this early with Cannon but again, life was different.  I've only gained 12 pounds so I can't blame the weight.  But by the end of the day my legs ache and my whole body is just beat. 

Ok, thanks for letting me complain.  It'll all be worth it in 13 short, fast, cool, relaxing weeks.

The Best part.  It's almost August.


Lauren Stahl said...

I am just starting my second trimester and the heat is beating me, so I can only imagine! We planned this pregnancy so I wouldn't be huge during the summer. Even though the girls were due in Nov./born oct, I was huge during the summer and it was awful so go ahead and complain. This was also 2006 and not as hot. You are almost done and the weather is bound to change. Also, you are right, you don't have the luxury of doing nothing and way to go on the weight that is amazing!

Aly said...

I remember cursing the early July heat when I was nearing Charlie's due date. I can't imagine continuing on through the thick of the heat & humidity. This is, however, a great reason to soak up the a/c & enjoy as many popsicles as you can eat!