Friday, June 25, 2010

you betcha!

Nope, not a post about Sarah Palin, not even close.  This morning Mickey said it and then Cannon repeated it.  'You betcha!'  All of a sudden I was reminded of my Grandmother, my mom's mom.  Grandma Tootle (I couldn't say Struble, came out Tootle and my Grandmother's went/go by Grandma followed by their last name).  She passed away a few years ago.  But it's nice to know she's still around. 

I have terrific and funny (to me) memories of her.  She was a Marine.  Yep, SHE was a Marine.  And so proud and so patriotic.  I know every word of the Marine Corps Hymn because of her.  From the halls of Montezuma... Once we got lost going to the mall and it was behind us the whole time.  She had this maroon Mercury Grand Marquis that was her baby.  I remember her picking leaves off of the top of it, every time we got in the car.  We'd put towels down cause it's hot in Tampa and we didn't want to burn our 'dupas'.  That's another one.  Dupa.  We would sit on her balcony and watch the flag fly or the grass grow.  She never ever ever got her hair wet in the pool.  She had beautiful fingernails and hands.  And a terrific laugh.  She'd take us to the 'cheapy cheapy store' (the five and dime) and bought me jelly shoes once even though Mom said no. 

Isnt' it funny how one little thing can bring a whole flood of wonderful memories back?  Thanks Mickey!

This is why we take trips to see the Grandparents.  And Great Grandparents (trip in August to see them!).  I want Cannon to have memories like I do of my Grandparents.  How lucky he will be.

The Best part?  Dupa.

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