Monday, June 28, 2010

we're breaking up

Lady O and I.  Are done.  Breaking up.  Oprah and I are no longer pretend best friends.

I got an email telling me that my tape can't be considered because it was deemd 'offensive'.  I'm not sure who watched the tape but I would LOVE to know what was offensive. 

I took it off the blog for professional reasons but come on... seriously?  Offensive?  The only thing I can think of is the small opening about 'poop' (clearly put in there to catch someones attention) and if that's what's offensive then I probably shouldn't get a show. 

What's too bad is that I think it's a terrific idea for a show and whoever watched obviously doesn't have kids.

Too bad.

Win some, don't even get considered for others.

The Best part?  I have an opening for a pretend best friend.


McCulloch Family said...

I wanted to post b/c I just started reading your blog last week. I loved your writing so much that I ended up reading it all the way back to the beginning. I found your blog from Meggie's (she and I have a mutual friend in common and I have been reading her book blog for a long time) and just cannot stop reading yours!

Anyway, I passed on your "Letter to Oprah" posting to all my mom friends, as it just hit the nail on the head and was truly spot-on with how moms go through daily life. I even watched your video over the weekend. That being said, I found not ONE portion of the video offensive in any way, shape or form. In fact, I loved it. But I'm a mom, so clearly I "got it."

Just wanted to commend you for trying, especially since the concept was so close to home.

Kelly McCulloch

ps-I think maybe I should become pretend best friends with you (at least I'm going to play that game) b/c I, too, have major strife with my in-laws and am sincerely admirable that you are so open about it on your blog. I passively aggressively handle it with my husband (as his mom and I had a serious falling out and haven't spoken for a year!). I had no idea other people had such serious angst in this category of life. Ha! Thanks for your honesty!

Corey said...

Kelly! You totally made my day! Maybe even my week! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I love hearing that there are other moms out there who can relate and hearing that one of them loves the blog is even better! Feel free to vent to me about your MIL anytime! Happy 4th! -Corey

Hillie Gaither said...

Have you heard the shit that Dr. Oz talks about? Or that crazy "call a vagina a vagina' lady she has on all the time? I'm just got jipped.