Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Open Mouth Insert Foot

So if you've ever traveled between Cincinnati and Dayton on I-75 chances are you've seen it.  Odds are the first time you took a second or third look.  After that it probably became a landmark.  "Today we'll drive by..."  "Hey look! There it is!" This.

Touchdown Jesus (it's official name is the "King of Kings" statue).  It sits, or sat, outside a 'mega church'.

We've had some crazy summer storms in the last week or so and on Monday night the King of Kings was struck by lightening.  You read that right.  The 62 foot tall statue of Jesus himself was struck by lightening.  As a side note, the Hustler store across the street faired just fine.

Believe what you want.  If a 'mega church' provides you with the comfort, peace, and 'wholeness' that you need, go for it.  I'm not one to judge.  I believe.  I just don't believe that I have to sit in a church once a week and put money in a basket in order to exercise my faith.  What I find slightly bothersome about the statue is that the church plans to rebuild the 700 THOUSAND DOLLAR work.  If I were a member of that church I think I might advocate that money be used for better in the community.  That's neither here nor there. 

So the real reason I wrote this post was to share a conversation I had with a random guy who came to see burnt up touchdown Jesus.  Here's how it went.

Him: Are you Tanya?  (the name of another 'personality' in the area)
Me: Nope.
Him: What's your name?
Me: (I tell him my name).
Him: Oh yeah! You're my favorite.  What station do you work at again?
Him: Yeah, I love you guys.  Do you know why you're my favorite?  Cause you're weird.
(We have never met before)
Me: What?
Him: You're weird.  You're not like the others.
Me: Do you mean maybe that I have a personality?
Him: Yeah, sure. 
Me: Ok.  Thanks? 
Him: Also, you have absolutely flawless skin.
Me: Thanks. And thanks for watching.
Him: You're welcome.  What station do you work for again?

I should write a book.  This middle aged, overweight, bald man could be a chapter about people putting their feet in their mouths.

The Best part?  Flawless skin.

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