Friday, June 4, 2010

Probably won't go back...

I don't know what we expected.  No, scratch that, I do.  We thought Hilton Head would be a quiet little beach town with houses lining the beach and quiet, quaint little seafood dives.  It is not.  Behind the gorgeous, Spanish moss covered oak trees there is a developed city.  There's a Sam's club, a few McDonalds, Target, Walmart, Longhorn Steakhouse.  The list goes on.  It's not a quaint as we hoped.  Restaurants were crowded and we did more driving on the island than we wanted.  Maybe we stayed in the wrong area (Disney's Hilton Head Island in Shelter Cove).  Maybe we're spoiled by little sea villages where you can walk everywhere you need to go and don't share the beach with a thousand of your closest friends. 

I have so many friends who love it there.  It's just not quite 'us'.  And we're totally in the minority on that. 

On a side note it is a beautiful place.  The marsh is gorgeous and the beach is wide with pretty white sand.  The oak trees are gorgeous.

We did have a great time playing with Cannon on the beach, riding bikes, and swimming.  More to come on the memories and tales from a toddler's vacation. 

The Best part?  Toes in the sand, even if it's crowded sand.

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