Saturday, June 5, 2010

... place your bets...

In a mere five days we will know.  Blue or pink.  Yep, I'm a finder outer. 

Here's the thing. 

Everyone says 'it's one of the few times in life you can be completely surprised'.  Well guess what, on Thursday morning around 9 we will be totally and utterly surprised.  Also, I will not be in agonizing pain, nor will I be exhausted.  Had I found out Cannon was a boy when he was born instead of 20 weeks prior, I could not have cared less.  I was completely miserable.  At that point it was me and Meredith (yep, first name basis with the OB when they spend an hour and a half doing reconstruction).  Fix it.  Fix it now.  Dan and Cannon bonded.  But I knew he was a boy.  I knew before that that he was a boy.  The surprise would have been sour had it happened post birth. 

So as you prepare to make an educated guess on whether Best Part Baby #2 is a boy or a girl, here are my thoughts.

Reasons I think it's a girl:
I am smaller this time.  Although that could also have something to do with more exercise and less frequent ice cream. 
I feel the baby move much lower than I ever felt Cannon. 
My skin is worse.
I was slightly sick at the beginning.  I wasn't even close to slightly sick with Cannon.
I was exhausted for the first 12 weeks.  However, I have a mover and a shaker to chase.
Everyone, I mean everyone thinks it's a girl.
When I am not thinking, I refer to the baby as 'her' or 'she'. 
We have nothing.  Every item of clothing we have is boy.  All boy.  100% boy.  In typical Best Part fashion, we are destined to go broke preparing for the little girl's arrival.
The heartrate is slower.  Cannon's was fast (traditionally that would mean it's a girl) so since this one is slower I think we may be going against the trend.

And...the reasons I think it's a boy:
I have always pictured myself with a house full of boys.  Don't know why.  Just have.  If this one is a boy I'll be outnumbered 3 to 1 if you include the dog.
Everyone thought Cannon was a girl too.  "You're carrying really high".  Guess what, I have a short torso.  Everything is high.
My sister in law thinks it's a girl.  She is always, always wrong.  She thought all three of her kids were the opposite of what they are.  She also thought Cannon was a girl.

So, make your guesses, place your bets, start your office pools.  The countdown is on. 

The Best part?  Thursday.


CaSandra said...

My guess: GIRL!

As long as you and baby are healthy, that's all that really matters to me, but GIRLS are SO MUCH FUN TO SHOP FOR... just throwin' that out there!!!

Hillie Gaither said...

Dory. But I'm never right either. can't wait!