Sunday, June 13, 2010


Nope, not a typo.  The title is penis.  I said it.  Twice.  Going to happen a few more times so if you're already offended, stop reading.

So little boys (and I'm sure girls, but can't speak from experience yet) are curious.  During diaper changes there's an occasional grab.  So when that would happen I told Cannon what it is.  I didn't call it a 'pee pee' or 'your privates', I called it a penis.  Just happened.  Just came out that way.  I mean that is what it is.  And because he trusts and loves his mother unconditionally, that's what he calls it. 

Thing is, pretty sure that's what he calls it outside the house too (ie: at daycare during community potty time).  They have these potties (is that the plural of potty?) that are not more than 12 inches off the floor (literally you and I would have to get help up) with dividers but no doors.  All the kids line up at the potty and one by one, sit on the potty and then have their diaper changed or go potty (Cannon sits on the potty, he does not GO potty on the potty, baby steps--however he has started saying "Tannon pooping Mommy!" announcing potty related activity).  So he sees bottoms, penises and  the 'v word' (have some time before I say that one out loud and teach someone that one). 

So I guess, it's better to know the right term and not have a toddler who uses a nickname for 'it', or is it?  Next comes the lesson about where and when we use words like that.  Pretty sure that comes way after always using a fork, sleeping in a big boy bed, and possibly potty training.  Until then, his teachers can enjoy his language skills and know that his parents don't screw around.

The Best part?  All words sound cute coming out of his mouth.


Becca said...

Haha, I'm sure preschool teachers hear THE funniest things on the job.

I'm trying to avoid telling my 4 yo daughter how her baby brother is going to come out. She really wants to know! eek! But really what I'm working on, is having her keep the information (and other related material) to herself once she hears it.

Hoo boy.

elizabeth said...

Maybe because that is what we called it? Boys add the names later.. just like Maggie added "pocketbook" to "down there"... funny

Mary S said...

James greeted his penis the other day in the bath. He was suddenly interested in "it" and we were naming other body parts, so I just said, "that's your penis." To which he responds with, "Hello Penis!!" I'm afraid it's a new thin now...three nights in a row we've had penis greeting in the tub. Nice.