Thursday, June 10, 2010

One of Each

Sugar and spice and everything nice.  We are having a HEALTHY baby girl!  Most excited about the 'healthy' but pretty excited about the 'girl' too! 

I thought it was a girl.  But I got really excited about another boy too.  I adore my little boy so much that having another one was going to be welcome news.  The ultrasound lady (who I have always found slightly annoying, she was pleasant today) said 'so you have a boy at home? do you have lots of clothes?  toys?'  and I said 'to share'... and she said 'I was going to say to put in boxes.'  It was kind of like being a finalist on American Idol and learning your fate the way Ryan Seacrest would deliver it. 

She's in the 36th percentile for her 'age'.  Which apparently means she probably won't be 8lbs, 4oz like Cannon.  They're thinking more around the 7lb mark.  Fine by me.  Perhaps her head circumference will be slightly less too?

So, we have lots to do.  Lots.  We've decided to keep the nursery as the nursery (it's just the perfect size for a nursery) and give Cannon a new big boy room for his 2nd birthday.  So, the nursery is blue stripes.  Has to be painted.  And neutral clothes?  What are those?  The closest thing we have to neutral is a 'peapod' Halloween costume.  Enter Grandparents and Great Grandparents. 

Names.  We have a list.  We won't pick one anytime soon. 

Bedding.  Love this.  Also love this... and it lends itself to better paint options.  Haven't looked very hard yet though.

The Best part?  1 of each.

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CaSandra said...

Congrats again!

As for the bedding... love it... looks just like something you'd pick out.

The best part? There's lots of pink toile stuff to use as matching accessories!!!