Friday, June 4, 2010

On the road...

Where do I begin?  We just got back (literally hours ago) from a week in Hilton Head.  I have a feeling a few blog posts will be born out of it so I'll break it up.

First, the journey.

We broke the first leg up and stopped halfway in Asheville, North Carolina.  Super cute little city.  We don't smoke nearly enough pot (or any for that matter) to live there.  Had a fabulous southern meal at Tupelo Honey's downtown.  Totally worth waiting for them to open to enjoy cheesey cauliflower and homemade biscuits.  We stayed in a Hampton Inn and were lucky enough to have a room that opened to the POOL!  Enter sarcasm.  The pool where everyone staying in the hotel under the age of 18 (including sports teams) came to swim post game/ match/ practice.  Cannon, fortunately slept right through it. 

Drove the other half on Sunday, stopped for lunch in Columbia, South Carolina to have lunch with a high school friend of Dan's.  Got to Hilton Head just before dinner on Sunday. 

Return trip.  So the last thing we wanted to do was stay in one more hotel or eat one more meal out so we made the brave decision to make the whole 10 hour trip in one day.  We did it.  It involved each of us at different times (me while we were going through the mountains, enter car sickness) climbing into the back to read books, play with cars, feed fruit snacks, or do anything we could to keep Cannon from crying/ fussing/ screaming at being in his carseat for so long.  He slept a grand total of... 40 mintues.  We made it.  We are home.  We won't wake up tomorrow in a hotel room outside of Knoxville wishing we were home.

Correction of errors for the ride.  More movies.  We had 7 but since I checked them out from the library you have to figure at least 50 percent won't play or will skip.  We watched the same Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes over and over and over and over.   Hot dog.  Other than that, Dan did an amazing job with coolers/ bags/ diaper bags etc.  It was also the first trip ever where we relied 100% on the GPS in the car.  Worked perfectly!  Oh and the minivan was a great decision.

The Best part?  We're home.

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