Sunday, June 20, 2010


Just a few of my favorite things from the weekend.

Things Cannon said:
He counted to 15 in English and five in Spanish.  OK fine, I counted to four in Spanish and he yelled "cinco!"  Kind of like 'ole!'
"Tannon pooping Mommy!" which is like annoucing impending doom for the diaper that follows.
"Probly hot Mommy"  "Probly tomin' Daddy"  "Probly not Mommy" -- Probly is the new word.
"Later Mommy!"  Not like 'let's do this later' like 'bye Mom'. 

A Father's day trip to Ikea for one thing ended in more than one purchase (duh).  One of which is a Sweedish potty which Cannon decided to wear on his head most of the evening.  The road map carpet is a HUGE hit though.  And big boy walked all over the store with us.  While this might not seem like a big deal to most, this is a kid who loves to run (in particular away) and who is constantly on the move.  But he walked like a big boy with us!  Little things, right?

We (Cannon and I) escaped garage sale day (a very very rainy crappy turn out garage sale day) and made a trip to Columbus to celebrate one of my best friend's daughter's first birthdays.  I even got to take some pictures.  I'm starting to wonder if people think it's weird that I show up at their event which I was invited to as a guest, not a photographer, and snap pictures the whole time.  I'm just playing.  Learning.  Hoping to get better.  Probably need a class for that (bucket list).  But pretty little Miss Mira was a great reason to practice.  Cannon ran around like a mad man the whole time and had only fruit snacks for lunch (Mom of the year award, I know). 

And we celebrated Dano.  Because he deserves it.  Got him the cliched Father's Day gift of ties.  But he really wanted them! 

Super weekend.  Dan laughed when I told him it felt short cause I worked on Friday.  I deserved the laugh and eye roll.

The Best part?  Probly.

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