Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rules Schmules

So my friend Sherri, whose blog posts usually make me laugh out loud, inspired me to start working on some house rules.  I know C is still young for this but as I work to emphasize things we would rather he NOT do, here's where we'll start.
These I stole from Sherri:

* Always eat applesauce with a spoon (same goes for yogurt)
* No donuts before bed (cookies is more our challenge)

And here's a few off the top of my head:

* crayons, markers, pens, art supplies etc are for art, not eating
* picking up the register and putting matchbox cars down the vent is not ok, ever.  today I found a cell phone (an old one we gave him to play with a LONG time ago) in there.
* while it seems like the handle on the drawer under the oven is a step, it is not.  and blowing on the burners because they're hot won't cool them off so you can touch them.
* while jumping while in the bathtub is fun and splashes, it's dangergous.  plus if you fall and get water in your ears and hurt yourself then we have tube problems and a hurt little boy.
* when we ask what you want for dinner (after you've inevitably refused what we're having) 'tootie' (cookie) is not an acceptable answer. 
* its' cute that you say 'toot' when you 'toot' but 'excuse me' might be a better habit.

Let's be serious.  He can't handle rules like this but it's worth a shot right?

The Best part?  They're made to be broken.


Sherri and Andy said...

Great list! And it looks like your hands are already full. The vent! Why is that so tempting? But as a friend pointing out, unless I enforce mine, they are only suggestions. :-)

elizabeth said...

Ahhhh, welcome to my world... in only about twenty years will you find out if these rules worked.
Safety and health above all are the basic rules, followed closely by "civilizing" a wild animal. Some folks think the wildness is cute--we always found it imposing on all the others around you. Good luck as you launch the process we all had to learn... you will do well.. Mom