Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Aside from a casual mention or passing along of some sage advice, I rarely mention my mom on the blog.  So, in honor of Mother's day, an 'ode' if you will. 

My Mom is the strongest woman I know.  Without question.  She's tough, physically and mentally.  She's funny.  She's passionate.  She loves hard and holds hard.  She's hard headed (ever heard Cat Steves 'Hard Headed Woman'?  That's her).  She would follow all of us to the ends of the earth to make sure we have what we need and then some.  She would eat ants in Tanzania (her words) for us.  She loves my Dad first (probably one of the most important things I learned from her).  My Mom rarely hears the word 'no' and passed along my fabulous rarely rivaled arguing skills.  She is beautiful and kind.  She does things like bringing in a group of 5 teenage girls obviously in a tough spot and give them pound cake until they got help (in Captiva, over Christmas, there were 5 girls camping out and had come to Captiva for dinner.  They locked their keys in their car and had no where to go to wait for AAA.  Not that Captiva is unsafe but she brought them home, fed them cake and waited with them.)  She could talk to a tree.  She's truly a magnificent woman.  AND a TERRIFIC grandmother!

Most importantly, she's mine.  I'm lucky to have learned from such an amazing woman.  So lucky.  Love you THIS much!

The Best part?  I've got the BEST Mom around. xoxo.

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Rosemary said...

Oh my....Corey, your mom is all that and then some. But coming from you, this is the most amazing gift ever. My gift to you:

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