Sunday, May 23, 2010

Did It.

I can cross 13.1 off my bucket list.  I don't think it was ever on the list.  Actually, I don't think I have a list.  Note to self.  Make a bucket list, cross off a half marathon.

13.1 miles is a long, long way.  I would say I was good through the first half and then it was downhill (unfortunately not literally) from there.  To say that I struggled on the last few miles is an understatement.  I think we averaged about a 15 minute mile and I know that my fellow walkers would have finished MUCH faster had they left me in the dust.  But they didn't. 

I am sore.  I have a blister on the ball of each of my feet the size of a quarter (this will make it difficult to wear my standard 5 inch heels to work this week).  My hip flexors are very sore (combine pregnancy hip spreading with a half marathon) but my muscles (quads, calves, hamstrings) aren't sore.  So I have to believe that means my muscles were ready but my 18 week pregnant body wasn't. 

So a few observations and musings.

I will do it again.  I won't do it again pregnant.  I was amazed at the pace some rather large people kept for the whole race.  I didn't know you could walk 13.1 miles in Crocs--not me.  I also didn't know that you could sing '99 Bottles of Beer' and replace 'bottles of beer' with 'miles to go'--again not me.  While in real life there is no such thing as too much Michael Buble, there is such a thing as too much while trying to finish a half marathon.  Same goes for John Mayer, Indigo Girls, and Billy Joel.  More dirty rap beats.  A couple bites of a chocolate chip cookie after 13.1 miles is a bad idea.  If you think about your husband and your son while you're more physically exhausted than you've ever been, you will cry.  You can judge people even if they're faster than you, although it's harder to do so.  Who knew the Geist area, outside of Indy was so beautiful?  Good friends at mile 3.5 are a wonderful treat, more friends needed along the way.  While it's nice of people to sit in their driveways to watch, if they would make some noise that would be more helpful.  The garage bands were not good.  I am tired.  I did the calculation and I bured 100 calories a mile.  I had cake for dinner last night.  I got a medal.  I am considering wearing it to work on Monday.  The official race pictures will be up on Wednesday.  I am certain I look about as good as I felt.  Here's the best of the 'thank God it's over' shots.

So what will I do to stay in shape now? I'm taking it down about 7.1 miles and doing a 10k with my Dad over the 4th of July.  Not sure how many walkers there will be but there will be at least 2.  

The Best part?  I finished.


Meggie said...

You are a rockstar!!! I am glad you liked it enough to put it back on the list (when non-preggo). It's funny how you realize some of the things that will make it easier next time (like more personal cheerleaders along the way, or DRBs). But I am very proud of you. Many people don't even finished!

Aly said...

your observations are right on! We also know now how vital that choice in pants can be. (avoid the wedge!) To tell my husband the race starts an hour earlier than it truly does... and that people truly can & will hold hands for 13.1 miles.

One thing I know is that no matter how tired you are, looking back and seeing one of your best friends give you the thumbs up as you work to achieve one of your biggest goals of the year makes you love & cherish them more than you ever knew you could.

thank you, thank you for doing this with me.

Corey said...

Al, I would do just about anything for you. I will not do another half marathon pregnant though :) So happy I could help you accomplish a goal! :)