Saturday, May 8, 2010

... dabby... Dabby... DABBY!!!

Passy.  Nuk.  Pacifier.  We call it a Dabby (no idea why, it's just what Cannon started calling it).  Whatever you call it, if your child takes one, you know that if you let them keep it past 1, taking it away is a terrifying task.  It's a task I'm not ready for.  (I still maintain a passy is better than a thumb since you can never take the thumb away)

We have dabbies in the car, in the diaper bag, in the crib and in random unknown locations around the house.  It's the answer to any fussy time.  Cannon really only takes one in the car and when he's sleeping.  Well, until about three days ago when he started asking for one constantly. 

I'm a sucker. 

I would rather give him the passy than hear him cry for it non-stop.  He's getting teeth and he's got allergies.  So, it's a phase.  I hope it's a phase.  Cause the passy was fine when it was just bedtime and car rides.  It's not inhibiting his speech and his teeth are fine.  SO let this need to be soothed pass quickly.

Anyway.  Back to the challenge at hand.  I have friends whose kids never took a passy.  Some who took it away at 6 months, others 9.  I have friends who took it away at 1 (diligently following the advice of their pediatrician and most books no doubt... for the record we did switch cold turkey at 1 from a bottle to a sippy and formula to milk in one day so I do listen to the doctor and books most of the time.)  I have friends who took it away at one and their child adopted another 'lovey'.  One including a blanket that gets chewed on.  I'd prefer a passy.  We missed the 'one year deadline'.  I have friends who have 3 year olds who still use a passy.  The nipples on my passies had to be cut off for me to stop using one. 

The doctor says suck it up and do without sleep for a weekend and break him of it.  When?  We're going on vacation.  I don't want to worry about him fussing on vacation.  Not to mention we're driving, who wants to hear "dabby?  Dabby?  DABBY!?!?" for 11 hours?  Then we'll start transitioning from the crib to a big boy bed.  Let's tackle one thing at a time.  Then the baby will be here, who needs two criers?  My list of excuses goes on. 

Here's what 'What to Expect the Toddler Years' says about the well loved dabby:

"It's a pretty sure bet your son won't pop the pacifier from his mouth to kiss his bride on his wedding day.  Despite the secret fears harbored by parents of persistant pacifier users, almost all children abandon the beloved plug by age four or five, and most stop sucking well before.  Among experts, pacifier use probably has as many supporters as detractors."

So, there's no right answer (although I do like What to Expect's take on it).  And like most things parenting, we'll take it away when the time is right for us and Cannon.  For now I just hope he goes back to the bedtime/ cartime dabby use. 

The Best part?  I went 8 miles today in less than 2 hours.  Bring it half marathon.  Bring it.  Oh, and Mother's Day Brunch tomorrow!!! 

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CaSandra said...

I can't WAIT to read all of your friends comments and advice!

I took Kensley to the dentist again last week, they said to take her binkie away, right then, right there, cold turkey!

Did I? Of course not - we too are dealing with allergies/strep throat and it wasn't worth it to me. If her throat was already sore, letting her scream for hours wasn't going to help matters much.

Currently, she only gets it at night (and an occasional nap) but I too dread the official foregoing of it. It's magic I tell ya - give her a binkie - 5 mins later she's out like a light.

Hope to get her totally weaked within the next 2-3 months before she turns 2!