Friday, May 7, 2010


The pregnancy, not Cannon. He's more into jumping these days.

October might as well be 14 years away, couple that with the fact that the due date isn't until th 28th and it might as well be next century.  That's how I feel these days.  I haven't gained any weight, I'm not uncomfortable, but I do miss wine, and I do feel like this baby's arrival is an eternity away.

When we got pregnant with Cannon I couldn't spend enough time on the internet (shocking, I know) joining websites, reading books, and preparing.  There's registering to do, a million things to learn about, and 9 months to educate yourself on this little person who will enter your lives.  This time, I've read the books.  I don't need to register (although I am considering it for th 10% off you get at the end).  I'm not interested in being involved in an "October birth club" online and until we find out what we're having, there's literally NOTHING to do. 

So, guess we'll enjoy the weather, celebrate Mother's Day (mimosa free, sushi free), and enjoy the quiet (relative term) before #2 shows up.

The Best part?  We find out what we're having in just 4 short weeks!!!

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CaSandra said...

No weight gained!?! That actually suprised me... not that I expected you to be eating out of control, but you've been traing SO MUCH lately, I figured that you would have gained MUSCLE!

I can't even image walking/jogging as much as you! Does Cannon enjoy it? Will Dan go with you when his scheduled allows it? GO YOU!

Rest assured... once you find out what you're having... you'll go on a spending frenzy, or at least that's what I did.

I didn't buy anything, excepts for cases upon cases of diapers, and went crazy once we finally got the "go ahead".