Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Had my 18 week check up yesterday.  All is well.  Baby is good.  Heartbeat is strong.  My blood pressure is good.  Gained 2 pounds (that's 2 pounds total in the pregnancy if you're counting).  You will know when this low weight gain stops because I'll stop talking about it.  I am trying really hard to not gain the kind of weight I gained with Cannon.  We'll see if it works. 

Talked some about the delivery.  Doctors want to avoid another 4th degree tear for reasons I won't discuss on here.  We're going to labor longer and try to bring the baby down lower.  I'm getting a 'note' from my orthopaedic guy here to give an 'ok for an epidural' and hopefully this baby will just slide right on out.  If not we'll opt for a c-section but I'm not interested in scheduling one.  While convenient, that little itty bitty 'naturalist' in my says 'no, let her come on her own'.  Yes, my mind automatically goes to calling this baby a girl.  If it's not a girl we have some re-training to do!  Which brings me to....

6.10.10 is the big day.  I'll be 20 weeks and we'll find out if we'll be pink or blue!!!  Can. Not. Wait. 

The Best part?  Healthy is all that matters.

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