Tuesday, April 6, 2010

... with a W...

I love the underdog.  Or a good Cinderella story.  I didn't graduate from Butler but you'd never know it. 

I'm not big into sports.  Sometimes I try to be but it usually ends up with Dan giving me lessons on why they're doing what.  I love going to a Reds or Cardinal's game for the atmosphere.  Same with football and basketball.  You rarely find me on the edge of my seat (save any olympic swimming event) or heart broken when my team (because I don't have any) loses.  Just don't care that much.

The NCAA Championship game last night was a different story (although I did have to google th result this morning cause I couldn't keep my eyes open).  I didn't go to Duke, nor as I've mentioned, Butler.  My Grandfather went to Duke but last night that didn't matter.  The Butler Bulldogs are coached by a DePauw (my alma mater) grad, Brad Stevens.  It was literally like watching DePauw play in the championship game (will never happen).  Not only were both teams a total class act but it was pretty awesome watching the underdawg almost steal a National Championship from a powerhouse. 

During the game DePauw, with a W, even got a shout out!  It's hard to explain what it's like to graduate from such a small school but there is such allegiance there.  Nope, we won't ever watch the Tigers play in the Orange Bowl, or the National Championship.  But, we will see grads who we never knew succeed and beam with pride.  I don't know Brad Stevens from Adam but I do know he went to DePauw and that's all that matters.  When you boast alums like Dan Quayle it's nice to add a new name to the list. 

Congratulations Butler and Brad Stevens.  Well played, well played.

The Best part?  The Underdawgs.

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