Friday, April 9, 2010

Vote for Ross, PLEASE!!

My younger brother auditioned this morning on FOX 2's Morning Show in St. Louis to have his tape seen by the producers of the hit FOX Show GLEE.  Please take a second to go here and register and vote for him. 

Here's why you should vote.  My brother the personal trainer and All American Athlete has a passion for singing.  He has the charisma to command attention and a voice most of us probably envy.  He gets it from our maternal Grandfather who played trumpet with Les Brown and could play the piano by ear.  Ross fell into an amazing acapella group in college called the Miami University Remnants.  I miss the Remnants concerts.  Here are a few of my favorite performances: Apoligize, Listen to the Music, Still the One.

Anyway.  My brother is passionate, caring, hilarious, and extremely talented.  I know that the prize for this contest, getting his tape seen by GLEE producers, sounds lame but you never know.  You never know who might see it.  And Ross deserves to be seen.  And I'm not just saying that cause he's my little brother.  He has so much to offer the world, let's give him a good jump start!

The Best part?  Ross.


elizabeth said...

You really did honor to yourself and Ross by this blog... as a parent, your mother, it is one of the "best" gifts to see how much your children cherish EACH OTHER... what a terrific support for both of your lives... a few tears here.. Mom

Some call me Sconi... said...

i sadly just saw this. thank you so much. I love you, but you know that :) cannot wait for you guys to come in town